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  1. Corsa b 5 door converted to a van

    Projects & Restorations
    Started my corsa b 5 door 6 months ago now and i have left it in the unit unattended. Decided to make a move on it and get it ready for a mot 'lucky me not .Quite a bit of welding on her but i'm not giving up Jobs done: Engine rebuild Replaced gear box from f16 to f20 Welded rear door up...
  2. 2004 '54' Vauxhall Vivaro SWB - 47k Miles - £4750

    Cars For Sale
    Due to no longer needing a larger van i am downsizing to something more Combo/Connect size, so my Vivaro is up for sale! 2004/54 Vauxhall Vivaro 1.9 CDTi 47,000 Miles (SH & Prev MOTs to Verify Mileage) Service history to 35392 (under BG Ownership) Serviced since but no receipts sadly SWB &...
  3. Mk4 Astra van full GSI Z20let Conversion

    Cars For Sale
    Sadly after owning my van for the best part of 5 years and doing a lot to it to make this what you see in the link the time has come for a change due to my wife and I having a gorgeous baby daughter 4 months ago. The van was my pride and joy and I tried to look after it and convert it...
  4. Mk4 Astra Van 1000Pound :)

    Cars For Sale
    My Brother Now Needs a bigger van so its time to sell the mk4 astra van i dont no alot about the van my self but any questions email [email protected] it is located in north walsham norfolk near norwich What i no about it W reg 11 months M.O.T 6 months tax and just had alot of...