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  1. East Midlands
    Anyone interested in joining some crusty Vauxhalls out on track at Blyton Park on 24th Sep 2017. Ideal beginners track if you've never been had your car on a circuit but equally as enjoyable and rewarding for those with more experience. Click here for further info and booking :thumb:
  2. Projects & Restorations
    Hi, been gathering parts together over the last few weeks to build my rwd micra. I did fancy doing a mini but there's lots about and are more expensive than a micra to buy with the same amount of rust :) Finally found a micra and picked it up last night, didn't plan on getting much time this...
  3. Items For Sale
    as above, i have 5 7 x 16'' speedline rally 7 wheels, four used in white, one brand new, never even had a tyre fitted to it but in silver, they come with 6 yokohama A048r 195 50 16 tyres, 4 mounted to the white rims, two spares not mounted, varying levels of wear, two have done less than 1200...
1-3 of 3 Results