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  1. Snap-On 40" Top box, Roll cab and Side cabanit. Concept limited edition.

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    Well here is my pride and joy I bought this 40" after one harvest after working my bollocks off. I am looking at selling it, I saw it on the Snap-On van when I to buy a new ratchet and ended up blowing half of my money haha.. Its 10months old. Was £2500 when I bought it, I do use it and does...
  2. Snap-on 27inch roll cab & top chest in black

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    Snap-on 27inch roll cab & top chest in black brought less than 1 year ago for nearly £1200 from snap-on. roll cab has small crease in top right corner not to noticable & top of box where lid folds against wall has some paint marks that could probably be removed. NOW READY FOR COLLECTION ...
  3. Have your Tools magnetized.

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    As title suggests I can offer tool magnetising for anything from spanners to nuts and bolts. Bolts and nuts benefit more than tool as I have just tried the process, the strength of the residual magnetism is enough to keep a nut or bolt firmly In the jaws Of a spanner and it wont drop out. I will...