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  1. Wanted Astra MK4 Lowering Springs 40mm (with or without Shocks) HELP!

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    In Desperate need riding to high with 17'' alloys on
  2. vecrta b parts

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    Hi, looking for a few parts for my vectra b 1.8, if any one could help, i need either a O/S/F spring, or if any one has a full set including shocks, and a power steering rack, as mines has a tear in the gaitor and ps fluid (full resevoir) doesnt even last 5-10 mins journey. Thanks for any help...
  3. Vectra suspension (springs/shockers or coilovers... whatever)

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    The standard springs on my vectra b are shafted and the shocks arent too clever either.. I'm looking to replace them asap. Would prefer to buy a coilover kit, but will be willing to buy just a spring set (or spring and uprated shockers) Max I want to spend ideally is £200 and I'm in Bolton...
  4. Corsa b 60mm Rear springs ???

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    Hi there looking for new or fairly newish rear springs for my 1.6 sport. Cheers Cammy