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  1. Which Saab engine suitable for swap?

    Engines and Transmission
    Hi guys! So, i drove this roadlegal Manta 3,0 for a couple of years, until a jealoux idiot totaled it.. after sitting around for a long time i decided to go drift in it (SO much more soul than the e30 i used). BUT, it need more power! And as it is an unusual car for drifting, i'm not going...
  2. Saab 93 turbo 2.0l breaking engine goes in mk3 astra

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    Im breaking a Saab 2.0 turbo b204 engine they go in the mk3 astra thought someone may want it
  3. Any comments on this?

    Car Talk Bought this turbo recently. It's absolutely rediculous. There is no point at all in a turbo of this size but it looks cool :) Also I do have a project lined up for it but that might not start til next spring. Standard t25...
  4. Saab wiring loom adapters

    Items For Sale
    ok well ive now got some adapters ready for wiring up the saab engines, but this is a initial thread to create a list of people interested as ive spoken to that many people about them i cant remember who was who so if you have contacted me on previous occasions please let me know by PM these...