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  1. Engines and Transmission
    Hi guys! So, i drove this roadlegal Manta 3,0 for a couple of years, until a jealoux idiot totaled it.. after sitting around for a long time i decided to go drift in it (SO much more soul than the e30 i used). BUT, it need more power! And as it is an unusual car for drifting, i'm not going...
  2. Projects & Restorations
    Hi, been gathering parts together over the last few weeks to build my rwd micra. I did fancy doing a mini but there's lots about and are more expensive than a micra to buy with the same amount of rust :) Finally found a micra and picked it up last night, didn't plan on getting much time this...
  3. Car Talk
    My nova on track at Mallory (with video) What an awesome day out, had fantastic fun in my nova for its first outing. My first drama was tearing open one of my rear slicks, meaning I had to go onto some fairly narrow wet weather road tyres instead as it was the only other rubber I had. This...
1-3 of 3 Results