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  1. eBay Watch
    Z20LET ReMAP FILES (GSi,SRIT) OPC,Astra,Zafira,Vectra,Turbo | eBay Working 100% ,i have on my car stage 3.5 .
  2. Engines and Transmission
    Looking to get my Vectra mapped and have had a fantastic price quoted for me to do this. I’m looking to mainly do it to increase MPG more than power, it’s only the 120bhp model so will be increased to about 150bhp which is more than enough for my needs. Question is with the car now having 109k...
  3. Engines and Transmission
    hiya doing a saab turbo conversion in my mk4 astra currently stuck the now due to needing the immobiliser takeing out and dont know any1 that can take it out the garages in my area just keep sending me to other garages so in a never ending loop the now also needing the ecu remapped was wantin...
1-3 of 3 Results