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  1. Items For Sale
    Having a clear out and came across a brand new sump gasket that I had bought for my Mk3 Astra GSi. Never got round to fitting it. Will fit any C20XE engine and comes with baffle plate. Originally a 2.0 8v gasket but a popular replacement for the two piece c20xe gasket. Provides a much better...
  2. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hi everyone, We are looking for a C20XE Engine for our Rallycross car. Open to any spec. I'd also be interested in throttle bodies for a C20XE. Thanks, Sam
  3. eBay Watch
    Hi. Here is my offer about upgraded Anti-Roll Bar for Astra and Kadett The diameter is 22 mm I am also a owner of Astra GSI c20let with this ARB and it really improves the handling performances. LINK: ~! UPGRADE 22mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar (ARB) Sway Bar ASTRA F GSI red top C20LET !~ | eBay...
  4. Items For Sale
    all up for grabs everything is available in the pictures need any closer pics just send me a pm :) price list as follows :) redtop parts c20xe power cap with nearly new rubber donut icv £10 (2 left) inlet 's £12.50 (3 left) c20let plug cover plastic £5 red plug cover...
  5. Items For Sale
    as above a pair of fast road cams for a redtop c20xe engine Make:Kent Cams Model : AST1612 (Fast Road) [SIZE=2][SIZE=2]Power band: 1500 - 6500rpm Lift: 10.08mm Duration: 260 degree Full lift: 110 degree Gains : +7bhp - +17bhp they should work with both dizzy and coil pack engines as it...
  6. eBay Watch
    Up for sale to clear some garage space. C20XE Cylinder Head - Ported and Polished - Late/Coilpack (SPARES / REPAIR) | eBay Cheers, Dave
  7. Engines and Transmission
    Hey guys, im mad to do a redtop on my brothers corsa b, ive seen lots of differant ways on how to go about it, was wonderin if anybody could give me a sloid giude on how to do it, from wireing diagram,gear linkage,engine mounts, engine, ecu, transmission, brakes and suspension!! I need the...
  8. Cars and Items Wanted
    So my cars been running like crap since I got it on the road. Over fuelling, revs prating around etc. I've put a new idle control valve on it along with a new lambda sensor and air flow meter. Even done a smoke test to make sure I have no air leaks. Nothing seems to be doing the trick so I'm...
  9. Items For Sale
    We have a C20XE Redtop engine taken from a 1993 Cavalier SRi with approximately 160,000 miles on the clock. The engine package includes: Complete engine as removed from car with ECU, loom, coil-pack, all sensors, exhaust manifold (could be aftermarket) alternator, full Roose red coolant hose...
  10. Items For Sale
    I have an XE airbox for sale in excellent unmolested condition. The bottom lug has snapped off at some point but it doesn't make any difference to how well it secures to the engine bay as all the others are in good order. £15 + p&p :cool:
  11. Cars and Items Wanted
    lookin 4 complete redtop with loom gear box ecu shafts etc cash waiting 07543049755
  12. Cars and Items Wanted
    wanted c20let engine loom ecu where can i get one from ????:)
  13. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hi guys I`m after a C20XE complete with gearbox loom ecu etc. I`ve a X18XE (same as X20XEV) with a terminal engine problem and can`t be asked to fix it, so going to chuck another engine in. Could go back down the V6 route AGAIN, but I just need something reliable and cheap on fuel, as I`ve an...
  14. eBay Watch
    vauxhall rocker cover on eBay (end time 17-May-11 23:07:31 BST) click ebay link for Redtop Rocker Cover package Resprayed in black with glitter flakes. Good condition, also includes red middle piece, alloy oil cap, full new set of 19 alloy bolts and turbo cover as shown in photo. also...
  15. Cars For Sale
    As title says I'm selling my redtop mk3 to make Some room for another project as my Saab turbo astra Is now finished. Good points- Solid engine and gearbox. Hardly uses any oil. I've topped it up about a litre since I got the car in February. Never overheats and the fan kicks in when it should...
  16. Cars For Sale
    This car IS registered as a 1.4 and that's what engine will be sold with the car. There's nothing illegal about it so if this ad gets closed I will get my money back from paypal. Basically this car is PREPPED for an engine conversion, with power steering system removed and lower crossmember has...
  17. Cars For Sale
    Thread closed
  18. Car Talk
    I'm upset about people these days. I go on the motorway occasionally to see what cars are out and about. Some people will call me a twat but in my eyes it's better than racing around residential areas! Anyway my usual hour or 2 consists of me sitting in the outside lane at about 60 til something...
  19. Cars For Sale
    Read the rules, your car is illegal due to not registering the engine change and is not welcome to be advertised on mig.
1-20 of 26 Results