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  1. PS3 Games

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    All sold!
  2. A few PS3 games.

    Items For Sale
    Turok unplayed £15 posted. Rainbow six vegas 2 special edition steelbook £15 posted The Orange box (Half life/Half life 2 etc.) £15 posted Need for speed prostreet £12 posted GTA 4 £22 posted All in excellent condition, some only played once or twice. Can be collected from CW7 3GH, take £2...
  3. PS3 Info - Sorting Media into Folders

    Tech, Gadgets and Gaming
    I posted this on another forum, but though people here may be interested: -------------------- I've not long had a PS3, I've been using it mainly for media playback. I have a Western Digital NAS drive which I managed to hack and install Twonky on - this works great and I can recommend this to...