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  1. Which Project to do?

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    Right going to let the cat out of the bag here as ive been very secretive into what I've been planning. I currently have a XEV engine fully rebuilt and also may have some throttle bodies for it. The plan was to build a corsa then put the XEV into it as not to many have been done and also I like...
  2. Corsa B GLS - no engine - west yorkshire

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    I bought this last year with the intention of putting a 1.7 isuzu in but now I have lost the space that it's parked so it has to go. It is purple. 3 door standard and was a 12 valve. There are a few dents and scrapes and has been sat still for a year. The petrol cap is broken. It does have, 4...
  3. Unfinished tigra project

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    Hello I'm looking to sell my tigra project as it's sat in the way and I'm buying another house so I want rid ad it's too good to scrap. Basically the engine that was in was removed for a Saab project due to the timing belt snapping, so I will be selling the tigra which has had the power steering...
  4. Tigra project engine conversion prepped.

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    This car IS registered as a 1.4 and that's what engine will be sold with the car. There's nothing illegal about it so if this ad gets closed I will get my money back from paypal. Basically this car is PREPPED for an engine conversion, with power steering system removed and lower crossmember has...
  5. Thread closed

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    Thread closed
  6. Corsa GSI C20XE Redtop Full Option !!

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    For sale my P-reg Corsa B. 80k on clocks. 1. Interior - FULL Leather Interior (black/red/cream) includes: - front seats (black/red) - rear seats (black/red) - doorcards (black) front and rear - ceiling (cream) - pillars (cream) - handbrake and gear selector covers (black/red)...
  7. astra f arizona, failed head gasket 28,000 miles from new, no rust, cheap fixable car

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    N reg, 5 door, 5 months mot, 1 months tax. spectoral blue? no rust, couple of dinks. arches are good. seat boulster nackered. new discs and pads fitted recently. got hot and head gasket failed on me today. im going to say £200? but not available for about 3 weeks. nice clean example, ideal for...
  8. Modified Vauxhall Astra Van 2lt, 16v redtop

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    :Dmodified vauxhall astra van, n reg, unfinished project, has 2lt redtop, 16v engine and F16 gear box fitted, all up and running fine,17" alloy wheels, lowered, leather seats, loads and loads spent. im selling this van for a friend of mine and im not to sure about every fine detail but i do...