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  1. Items For Sale
    Price dropped 9th May 2016 I have a pair (front & rear) metal rocker covers from a Vectra B X25XE. They have been shot blasted and are pristine and perfect condition, you could eat your dinner off them but it’s not recommended. Change of plans means they are no longer required. Perfect for...
  2. Items For Sale
    MV6 carbon trim for sale. Dash/centre console, ashtray, panel beneath handbrake. Dash pieces/ashtray are MINT. Not a mark on them, as good as new. Best I've seen. Under handbrake panel has a couple of light scratches (pictured), but would easily polish out. I'm being fussy tbh. £40 posted for...
  3. Items For Sale
    Removed from my donor MV6. In excellent working order, 90k ish miles when I got it, runs like a dream. Only ditching it as I have a replacement 3.2 for the project car (bought the donor for its gearbox). Would make an ideal upgrade for Cavalier/Calibra/Vectra V6 owners looking for extra...
  4. Items For Sale
    I'll be stripping my donor MV6 this weekend (it's providing parts for my Irmscher project), so all the bits that I don't need are up for grabs. I'm keeping leather, manual transmission and a few other odds and sods, but the bulk of it is available for other members if needed (a lot of parts will...
  5. Cars and Items Wanted
    As title, I need a set of 17" Wheels from an Omega Elite in decent nick.... PM me Cheers :beer:
  6. Items For Sale
    I have a spare set now as I swapped the new ones from my SE onto my LE. The LE ones are fine. Though these are bigger than standard Calibra Turbo Callipers. Not sure why but they are only available at Vauxhall dealers. Might be as they are from the LE. They will still fit any 16v/Turbo/V6...
  7. eBay Watch
    Link: Vauxhall Omega X30XE heads and valves 3.0 V6 low miles | eBay
  8. eBay Watch
    Link: Genuine Irmscher Omega Grille, Excellent Condition | eBay
  9. eBay Watch
    Pair of super clean 3.0 V6 heads: Vauxhall Omega X30XE heads, excellent condition, 3.0 V6 | eBay
  10. eBay Watch
    Complete 3.0 V6 bottom end including oil cooler, thermostat, sump, flywheel etc: Vauxhall Omega X30XE bottom end complete 3.0 V6 | eBay
  11. Cars and Items Wanted
    am after a set of omega alloys (mv6 ones would do nicely) but am willing to look at others as have buckled my 18'' devil aloys and am wanting to get away from low profile tyres due to all the pot-holes on our roads so if you know of anyone selling a set in central scotland please drop me some mail:)
  12. Rollin on 20`s

    Hope ya all like it. Ive got loads of plans so watch this space!!!!
1-12 of 12 Results