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nw rr day

  1. Awesome GTI RR Figures

    North Western
    First of all id like to say a massive thank you for all members that turned up for the even on saturday, without you it wouldnt of been possible and nice one for making the effort :) Also big thank you to Awesome GTI for hosting the event and Total Vauxhall for sending Alisdair for shooting the...
  2. NorthWest Rolling Road day 27th February **FINAL DETAILS**

    North Western
    Just a Final thread regards the RR day on Saturday 27th Feb @ Awesome GTI. All cars need to be there for 9:15am as Awesome open at 9am then once all signed in we can get on with the Rolling Road :) List of paid people - 1. Dunny (Mk3oc) 2. astra-nige (Mk3oc) - Mk3 astra with Saab Engine 3...
  3. NorthWest Rolling Road day 27th February 9am (TV in Attendance)

    North Western
    Good News folks as per this thread - click The RR day @ Awesome GTI is confirmed for Saturday 27th February :) Payments are needed asap direct to awesome themselves as we need a minimum of 10 by the 20th February for the day to go ahead!! 3 people have already paid so come on folks!!! To...
  4. NW RR Day ( provisional interest to get numbers )

    North Western
    Right on Mk3OC we are looking at a North West RR Day as we are sick of having to travel miles "darn sarth" to them. This is just a provisional interest to get numbers BEFORE we try for a location and date. TBH im gearing to Awesome GTI as ive always had fantastic service at RR days there and its...