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  1. Cars and Items Wanted
    Few items required for an Astra G MK4, please let me know if you have any of these ? Full leather or half leather front seats SRI centre console (silver and black) or sat nav centre console Silver rear estate bumper and number plate trim etc Front mounted Intercooler to fit G/MK4 Thanks
  2. Cars and Items Wanted
    In Desperate need riding to high with 17'' alloys on
  3. Items For Sale
    same as in title, bumper still in plastic wrap, skirts need painting, £100 not including postage for both, may split if there is interest. need sold asap as taking up space :) thanks
  4. Engines and Transmission
    Vehicle - Mk4 Astra Coupe Engine - Z20LET Year - 2001 (Y) Afternoon All, I was underneath my Astra Coupe yesterday fixing an oil leak and noticed that the little red plug/tap for draining the coolant, at the bottom drivers side of the radiator, is buggered. Looks like it's sheared off or...
  5. Cars For Sale
    Sadly after owning my van for the best part of 5 years and doing a lot to it to make this what you see in the link the time has come for a change due to my wife and I having a gorgeous baby daughter 4 months ago. The van was my pride and joy and I tried to look after it and convert it...
  6. Cars and Items Wanted
    As title suggests. Astra GSI in blue modded or otherwise got £3000 cash burning a hole.
  7. Cars and Items Wanted
    Black Astra GSI Parts I am looking for Astra G MK4 GSI parts in Black to save painting. Spoiler, front and back bumpers, possibly back box if good condition! :) Also looking for AC Condenser. To the Mods I assume this is OK have read the rules, above and assume I can not see any other ads...
  8. Cars and Items Wanted
    Delphi Type, Cheap as poss. Pref from a newer car.
  9. Items For Sale
    Finaly decided on this grill and its not the one i want on my car . So here i have a Lumma recessed grill supplied with honeycmb mesh to fit ( how you do that i dont no i used the screws to squash it against the grill ). needs a respray as has some scratches, nothing a bit of filler and paint...
1-9 of 9 Results