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  1. Mk3 Astra C20LET radiator

    Other Mechanical & Electrical
    I’ve a mk3 astra C20let running the Astra gsi radiator (has no problems) the afm pipe has started getting squashed between the radiator bracket and the bonnet. The radiator is old, I’m wanting a replacement. I’m wanting one to fit underneath the panel so that the afm pipe is free to leave space...
  2. Mk3 Astra inner wheel arches/ splash gaurds

    Cars and Items Wanted
    hi im looking for a pair of front mk3 astra gsi front splash gaurds/ inner arches??
  3. WANTED - Banjo Bolt

    Cars and Items Wanted
    Pretty much my fault but I've lost one of these. Looking for a banjo bolt to reattach front brakeline to caliper. Car is a Mk3 1.8 16v Astra. Had a look online but couldn't find any and the scrappys is a bit of a jaunt away from me (especially when I don't currently have a car on the road!)...
  4. Astra Cabriolet

    Astra Cabriolet

  5. Astra Cabriolet

    Astra Cabriolet