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  1. eBay Watch
    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Thanks. Shane
  2. Cars and Items Wanted
    As per title, looking for an exhaust manifold for my x20xev due to snapping 2 bolts off the one I have at present. Prefereably a performance manifold but will look at a standard one too. Must not have snapped bolts! Cash waiting. Based in South Manchester. 07780 737014. Thanks, James.
  3. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hi, I need an exhaust manifold to be used for a C20XE Astra G conversion. Standard Vauxhall item will be fine as looking to save cash. Also need a front engine mount bracket (aluminium one on drivers side) and rubber mount, like in the Astra GTE. Needed ASAP for quick engine transplant. I'm in...
1-3 of 3 Results