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  1. Set of four 875 cc Injectors suitable for C20LET, Z20LET, Z20LEH and others.

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    These are Siemens Deka 4 (part number 110324), 825 cc/min injectors. Brand new. Set of 4. Will fit a Z20LET, Z20LEH, C20LET fuel rail as a stright swap and are fully compatible with the ECU (assuming you get a remap). These have enough flow to power a 500 BHP engine easily, maybe more if your...
  2. Calibra Cavalier Turbo Injectors C20LET

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  3. Injector cleaning / testing

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    Title INJECTOR CLEANING / TESTING Description Ok well ive been thinking for a while i need to offer this service on here as im guessing it is something people would be intrested in or need at some point in time ok so this is what i can offer here at my work i have a ASNU injector testing and...