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    Hi all, I bought a job lot of Haynes manuals last week, and have a few duplicates, so am offering them for sale. I will list more as and when i've sorted through them, but for now I definitely have: 3 x mk3 astra manuals. 2 are listed as '91 'J' to '98 'R' and the other as '91 'J' to '96...
  2. Auction Astra Mk3 (F) Haynes Manual 1991 to 1998 Petrol

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    Good condition: Haynes Manual Astra F Mk3 1991 to Feb 1998 (J-R) Petrol on eBay (end time 04-Apr-10 18:56:00 BST) I also have some other random items on ebay here: eBay Seller: mike warner: Computing, Photography items on