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  1. Projects & Restorations
    Started my corsa b 5 door 6 months ago now and i have left it in the unit unattended. Decided to make a move on it and get it ready for a mot 'lucky me not .Quite a bit of welding on her but i'm not giving up Jobs done: Engine rebuild Replaced gear box from f16 to f20 Welded rear door up...
  2. Car Talk
    Im looking to have some oil fittings made for my T34 turbo so i can use the existing Vauxhall oil feed and drain pipes. You can buy these on Ebay but they have the wrong fittings/thread. Edit : Also they dont work out very cheap with postage from U.S/Japan :mad: lmao I can supply fittings...
1-2 of 2 Results