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  1. Cars and Items Wanted
    As above anyone got one for sale?? Anyone know where I could get one?? Thanks john
  2. Items For Sale
    4 x 17" Astra Coupe / SRi alloys.... SOLD F28 6spd gearbox converted to hydraulic... SOLD Mk4 Astra SRi / Prodrive rear bumper.... SOLD 308mm calipers... Astra GSi Turbo spec calipers with carriers, hoses and pads of unknown origin. Need a clean / degrease but no leaks etc. £40.00...
  3. Cars For Sale
    Time has come to sell my trackday car Full build thread here: Project Eddy Rebuilt Coscast C20LET with: XE inlet cam, Genuine Vmax EVO 2 chipped ECU, Regal big tophat, Walbro 255 fuel pump, Catch tank, Front mount intercooler, 13 row oil cooler, Large port inlet manifold, Enlarged throttle...
  4. eBay Watch
    f18 gearbox (calibra 1997 2.0l ecotec) 5 speed petrol on eBay (end time 08-Apr-10 16:50:03 BST) ipswich area 40 pound start.
  5. Cars and Items Wanted
    hi all ive had 3 in the past and now feel the bug has bitten me again!! Im after a reasonable priced mk3 gsi turbo c20let as close to east sussex as possible,must be ready to go with tax and test,no huge fibreglass bodykits and 8" exhausts lol,im 30 with kids so would prefer a bit of a...
  6. Projects & Restorations
    Well here we go this is going to be the start of a new project for me after going as far as I can with my old mk2 GTE. Not planning on going too far bodywork wise with this GSi, just some subtle but necessary mods. Engine wise the ecotec will be replaced with something with a bit more go, the...
  7. Engines and Transmission
    Before the engine came out my car, the F28 was crunching ALOT, It was rebuild in 2004 and has done no where near 10k since. The car has actually spent most of its time in the garage. The engine mounts were funked on the car, properly and the linkage was always iffy. Also using a heavy plated...
1-7 of 7 Results