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  1. Engines and Transmission
    I'm trying to find the correct ratio gearboxes for my racecar running an X16XE. I need 2x gearboxes, the first with a 3.9 F/D and a 1.96 second gear, and the second with a 3.9 F/D and a 2.14 second gear. The two gearboxes i have there are as follows: F13C394 (Which i believe has the 3.9 F/D and...
  2. Cars and Items Wanted
    hi everyone im after a F13 gearbox preferable CR and 4.18 FD but anything similar should dolmao would like it to be as close to home as possible so in the west midlands but will travel if i have to (will have to book a day off work 7 days a week is bad:() cash waiting let me know what you...
1-2 of 2 Results