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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hi I'm Harry from Sheffield. I've changed my brother's spark plugs and coils on his car this weekend. The coils were worn out and causing misfires. While I was under the car, I noticed that the exhaust fixings are extremely rusty. There isn't any signs of leaks, but I was thinking about changing...
  2. Cars and Items Wanted
    a backbox for a mk4 astra turbo hatchback a front strutbrace oe recirc blanking plate bonnet lifters for astra mk4 hatchback thanks.
  3. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hey All, I am after an exhaust system from turbo to back box (pref 3/3.5" outward roll) including decat pipes. pref no silencer. Anyone? Either pm me or send me a txt on 07989386710. Astra GSI Turbo MK4, in Tyne and Wear
  4. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hey All, 3" Turbo Back precat decat and main decat exhaust needed within 100 miles of Tyne and Wear. Cash Waiting, and preferrably a 3" 3.5" outward roll exhaust backbox. Please call or text 07989 386 710 :-) Thanks Michael
  5. Items For Sale
    All of the information is it this ad - GET IN TOUCH!!! Thanks :)
  6. Other Mechanical & Electrical
    i have an astra mk3 gsi with a c20xe in it put a 4-1 on it 1 of ebay and now the cat dont fit???? is there 2 sizes of cats for this car or not :confused:
  7. Cars and Items Wanted
    As per title, looking for an exhaust manifold for my x20xev due to snapping 2 bolts off the one I have at present. Prefereably a performance manifold but will look at a standard one too. Must not have snapped bolts! Cash waiting. Based in South Manchester. 07780 737014. Thanks, James.
  8. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hi, I need an exhaust manifold to be used for a C20XE Astra G conversion. Standard Vauxhall item will be fine as looking to save cash. Also need a front engine mount bracket (aluminium one on drivers side) and rubber mount, like in the Astra GTE. Needed ASAP for quick engine transplant. I'm in...
  9. Items For Sale
    Breaking C20XE/LET turbo tigra - engine, gearbox, electric power steering, exhaust Hi all! Time has come to part with the old girl !! The following is all for sale, plus any interior parts or other bits i've not listed, just give me a shout. Text me on 07792177942, or email at...
1-9 of 9 Results