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  1. Cars and Items Wanted
    Does anyone have a good condition Saab B204 turbo engine or bottom end lying around that they would like to part with? I've got rod knock and would rather change the engine and swap over my top end and mods. As close to the borders as possible unless u can stick it on a pallet and ship it. Cash...
    £500 GBP
  2. Items For Sale
    Z20LET 2.0 16v Turbo Engine & F23 Gearbox Packages - standard to phase 3.5........... I have various Z20LET engine packages available. Have a look here for more available Hi & Welcome to CS AUTOS,we are a Performance Vauxhall Breaker based in the North West A deposit secures the sale of the...
  3. Items For Sale
    I have various Z20LET engine packages available. Have a look here for more available Hi & Welcome to CS AUTOS,we are a Performance Vauxhall Breaker based in the North West A deposit secures the sale of the engine. Installment plans also available.Package released once fully paid Payment...
  4. Engines and Transmission
    hello i trying to find out the the parts called that pretty much recycles the emmisions and send them back around the engine, im aware you can blank this off which give your car a bit more power, but i cant remember what the dam part is called, i want to know to see if my corsa has one so i...
  5. Items For Sale
    Hello, I was doing a project ages ago which I couldn't finish due to my laziness... So here is the things I have for someone who has a lot more time then myself for a bargain price. Lot consists of Z20LET Engine with all the nuts and bolts, some other bits and pieces, hoses and most of the...
  6. Engines and Transmission
    I have a couple of v6 engines here that have suffered head gasket failure. They have a lovely creamy coating throughout the innards but I am loathed to ditch them when they are the perfect base for rebuilding. I have used Forte biodegreaser on engines when I've dealt with oil cooler failure in...
  7. Items For Sale
    As per title I have 2 complete engines for sale, one with a slipped timing belt, one in excellent condition. With these engines you will get; 1 F23 gearbox 1 F25 gearbox 1 wiring loom, ecu chip and key 2 sets of driveshafts 1 sub-frame 1 fuel tank and pump 2 coil packs 1 set of plenums...
  8. Items For Sale
    For sale is a NEW complete engine mount for a c20xe to fit a corsa or tigra. Includes engine mount brackets (£55) new and the rubber mount which is also new (£35). I had used the mount for my C18XE tigra project but I've stripped and sold everything. Wanted to keep it as a spare but can't see me...
  9. Cars and Items Wanted
    wanted c20let engine loom ecu where can i get one from ????:)
  10. Cars and Items Wanted
    As titled im after the driver side engine mount off a gsi or a sport for my project. I cannot seem to find one any where. I've emailed people who are breaking cars and none of them have come up trumps so I thought i'd see if anyone on here had one for sale. Alot of people are getting confused as...
  11. Items For Sale
    I have for sale my C20XE bottom end . Spec. C20Xe Block Bores 86.5mm Std C20XE Crank SBD 86.5mm Omega forged / pocketed pistons Un-branded Forged Rods / ARP 2000 bolts (similar to Eagle Rods) ACL Duraglide Bearings SBD Head oil feed restrictor fitted to block Water pump (Crank was...
  12. Engines and Transmission
    I got told the other day that the tc throttle body is ristrictive just want to no if that is true??? all so if i put solid lifters in on standerd cams would i get any gains on a c20xe???
  13. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hi guys New to this forum. I'm in need of a replacement engine, a z16se (1.6 8v) all ancillaries not essential. Lower the miles the better obviously. Any help finding one would be greatly appreciated. Cheers James
  14. Cars and Items Wanted
    As the title says im after a c16xe or a x16xe engine to drop in my gutless 1 litre corsa. Im after everything to do the conversion, loom, ecu, shafts, mounts and anything else ive missed. If anyone has the bits I need or knows where i might find them please get in touch. Thanks
  15. eBay Watch
    Link: Vauxhall Omega X30XE heads and valves 3.0 V6 low miles | eBay
  16. Cars and Items Wanted
    hello all, im in desperate need of a c16se engine, doesnt need to be complete with manifolds etc... i only really need the head and the block as cylinder 3 con rod punched through the block, if you have one or know anybody selling one please let me know thanks.
  17. Items For Sale
    I thought I would put up a post with a few of the engines I have ready for new homes: I have 18 cars in stock with Z20LET engines. The mileage on them range from 40k upwards. I have them in standard form, phase 1, 2 & 3. Please contact me for further info and prices C20LET ENGINE Totally...
  18. eBay Watch
    Vauxhall C20LET Engine Fully Rebuilt. on eBay (end time 07-Apr-11 17:59:51 BST)
  19. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hi I have a 06 Astra Van stood needing a new engine 1.7 CDTI If anyone has or knows of one available please PM me. also if anyone has any suggestions as to cheapest options with regards to getting back up and running I will be greatfull for any advice given. Thanks Dale Happy New year!
  20. Items For Sale
    As title its done a few thousand trouble free miles,can post/meet/deliver if needed. £350
1-20 of 24 Results