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  1. hillclimb corsa b 20seh problems

    Other Mechanical & Electrical
    wonder if anyone could help, i have a 20seh in a corsa b hillclimb car that wont spark ? getting 12v at the coil, changed all of the ignition system put with no joy just keeps tuning over :grr:
  2. signum 2006 conversion into 2.6 v6 vectra b

    East Midlands
    What problems will I run into and also could some one point me in the right direction for the engine into cockpit wiring diagram please
  3. Z18XE throttle body, ECU kit, Mk4 dash section, CCR600 & changer + more...

    Items For Sale
    A few bits and pieces that I no long have a use for... Z18XE electronic throttle body Bought and fitted but then discovered the problem was elsewhere. Has been cleaned and the small breather cleared and the resistances have all been checked and are fine. £40.00 ono Z18XE ECU kit As...
  4. Corsa Easytonic oh no... 1.0 y reg 2001 fault codes p1615 & p1616

    Engines and Transmission
    Hi, having trouble with a corsa easytonic i bought dont laugh. 1.0 sxi, y reg 22k miles on it, story goes below. Bought car, one lady owner she says might not be true i know but no reason to doubt. 'car had intermittent starting issues which gradually became more frequent and eventually...
  5. Vauxhall 2.0 16V X20XEV ECU Transponder and Key chip.

    Items For Sale
    Vauxhall 2.0 16v X20XEV ECU TRANSPONDER AND KEY CHIP Items were removed from a 2000 Astra mk4 G. £100 Posted. Any Questions please ask!
  6. ecu brakes ecu ??? x16xe

    Cars and Items Wanted
    ok i have a corsa that was a 1.4 changed engine to 1.6 so i am looking for * x16xe ecu,transponder,and key are what every i need to run it as 1.6 *also looking for 256mm brake disc conversions * and a ecu chip to get abit more power :lmao: i wont pay mad prices for any of these as i dont got...
  7. Saab wiring loom adapters

    Items For Sale
    ok well ive now got some adapters ready for wiring up the saab engines, but this is a initial thread to create a list of people interested as ive spoken to that many people about them i cant remember who was who so if you have contacted me on previous occasions please let me know by PM these...
  8. ECU for 2.5 v6 calibra/vectra engine etc

    Cars and Items Wanted
    hi im looking for an ecu for my vectra sri 2.5 v6. i have immobiliser issues with the current one and cant tow it the way it is sitting so i am looking for the ecu without the transponder. apparently they come from old calibras etc....the code on the ecu is a 'PN' code as far as i'm aware. any...
  9. Vauxhall Bits You Might Be Interested In!!!!!!!!!!

    Items For Sale
    Hi people, just been sorting a few things out so gonna get rid of a few things, im in Oswestry (Shropshire) Cosra angel eye's, very good condition, ready to fit staright on your corsa £65 SOLD SEH ecu, wiring loom and camshaft, £40 (the lot) F13 gearbox's £45 each ono F15 gearbox's £45 each...