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  1. WANTED: Alloy wheel covers (polygon shaped ref 90 445 439)

    Cars and Items Wanted
    Does anyone have these covers for sale please? Image for reference. Cheers. Dave
  2. Calibra/Cavalier (Mk3) Lenk Tuning Carbon Fibre Dash-Top Cover

    Items For Sale
    As Title, This is a cover for the top edge of the dashboard on the Calibra and Mk3 Cavalier...the bit that always splits!! Made by Lenk Tuning in Germany, in Carbon Fibre, the top/face is a glossy black which is a type of primed base ready to accept paint or vinyl and the underside is quite...
  3. Greenlight - New products to reward low mileage or 2nd car owners

    GreenLight Insurance
    Hi Everyone, We've added several new products to our existing range, two of which are particularly good for those of you who cover less than 6000 miles per year with their vehicle. Limited mileage These products are aimed at lower mileage and do reward those of you who cover less than average...
  4. c20xe cambelt cover

    Cars and Items Wanted
    I am ideally looking for the rubber seal for the c20xe cambelt cover, the later type but if it came to it I would just buy the cover with seal. Anyone able to help? Cheers Craig