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  1. Engines and Transmission
    Hi all I got a corsa d 1.0 petrol, recently did a head gasket change head was skimmed and pressure checked all came back good, put it all back together and it doesn’t start now just turns over, I believe I got the timing right only thing is the tool for the camshaft position plate was wrong so...
  2. Engines and Transmission
    Hello! What turbo can i use for my corsa 1.5td. The current setup: 1.7 turbo, fmic, 1.7 injectors, non turbo manifold and max fuel.
  3. Cars For Sale
    Hello to everyone. My best friend is selling this poison Nova. Car is located in Croatia - Trogir Best ET 10.4sec on 1/4mile, road track Price is 12.000,00 EUR - possible delivery deal!! Contact the seller via Facebook page -->>> LINK...
  4. eBay Watch
    Powerflex Nova/Corsa Rear Beam Bushings | eBay Never used, still in original box.
  5. eBay Watch
    New, full set of polycarbonates complete with square sliders. Vauxhall Nova/Opel Corsa Polycarbonate Window Kit | eBay
  6. Cars For Sale
    Vauxhall Corsa B GSi (Genuine) 1993 1600 16v C16XE 126k (Daily runner) V5 present and correct. This is one of few left road legal and unmodified Vauxhall 'hot hatches' left on Britain's roads today. I believe this car to be of a good condition for its age, but I would not brand it as a 'mint...
  7. Cars For Sale
    Unfortunately its come to that time where Im having to sell my car. Its a Vauxhall corsa GLS 1 litre engine 57bhp, its an w reg (2000) and is in good condition. Its white, done 49,241 miles, its tax is due in may and its mot is in June. No scratches, there are bits of rust in places but I'm...
  8. Items For Sale
    corsa c20let breaking for parts, Can deliver or postage anything for a price, collection is from Birmingham every night and weekend. C20LET engine, with inlet, enlarged top hat, s144 KKK hybrid turbo, no smoke, can see running before purchase. Victor Reinz Bottom end seals and...
  9. eBay Watch
    Here a link to a few bits I have on ebay atm. I'll be putting quite a few things up in the next week or two. vidwiz68 | eBay Cheers:thumb:
  10. eBay Watch
    title says it all cheap items no reserve on anything and starting at 0.99!!!!! vist my gfs ebay and have a look!! sarahmilton1807 | eBay
  11. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hey guys im after a 1.0 12v coil pack corsa b sport interior and sum cav slabs!! Thanx gaz
  12. Other Mechanical & Electrical
    just wondering if anyone knows the sizes of jubilee clips i'll need for all radiator hoses (both ends e.g rad top hose to thermostat housing etc) on a 1.2 8v corsa b with no aircon and power steering if that helps, gonna be removing the rad and want to replace the clips with jubilee clips on...
  13. Engines and Transmission
    Hey guys, im mad to do a redtop on my brothers corsa b, ive seen lots of differant ways on how to go about it, was wonderin if anybody could give me a sloid giude on how to do it, from wireing diagram,gear linkage,engine mounts, engine, ecu, transmission, brakes and suspension!! I need the...
  14. Cars and Items Wanted
    So my cars been running like crap since I got it on the road. Over fuelling, revs prating around etc. I've put a new idle control valve on it along with a new lambda sensor and air flow meter. Even done a smoke test to make sure I have no air leaks. Nothing seems to be doing the trick so I'm...
  15. Cars For Sale
    Time has come to sell my trackday car Full build thread here: Project Eddy Rebuilt Coscast C20LET with: XE inlet cam, Genuine Vmax EVO 2 chipped ECU, Regal big tophat, Walbro 255 fuel pump, Catch tank, Front mount intercooler, 13 row oil cooler, Large port inlet manifold, Enlarged throttle...
  16. Cars For Sale
    Engines dead (suspected timing chain jump) shell has minimal rust from the outside all i have noticed is bonnet and boot and a little patch on door sill, few dents but nothing major the worst being on the roof and bonnet, Mot'd untill sep and tax runs out end of this month (aug) overall good...
  17. Cars and Items Wanted
    As titled I am after a set of corsa gsi side skirt 'L' pieces. I have the skirts now im just missing the L pieces. If anyone has any they would like to sell then please get in touch. thanks
  18. Items For Sale
    We have a C20XE Redtop engine taken from a 1993 Cavalier SRi with approximately 160,000 miles on the clock. The engine package includes: Complete engine as removed from car with ECU, loom, coil-pack, all sensors, exhaust manifold (could be aftermarket) alternator, full Roose red coolant hose...
  19. Items For Sale
    Bought all this stuff for a conversion into a corsa c, but lost interest. Probably forgot some stuff.... First off is a z20let engine with fancy stuff, not splitting! Engine is partly rebuilt The sump, head, block, inlet and rocker cover are all painted What's included is: Block, head...
  20. Items For Sale
    I have an XE airbox for sale in excellent unmolested condition. The bottom lug has snapped off at some point but it doesn't make any difference to how well it secures to the engine bay as all the others are in good order. £15 + p&p :cool:
1-20 of 97 Results