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  1. Other Mechanical & Electrical
    wonder if anyone could help, i have a 20seh in a corsa b hillclimb car that wont spark ? getting 12v at the coil, changed all of the ignition system put with no joy just keeps tuning over :grr:
  2. Cars For Sale
    I am selling my missus’s red Vauxhall Corsa 1.0 litre 12v Envoy. It has just over 95k miles on it and comes with tax till October, MOT until November and full service history - the last one was carried out in September last year. It has been an absolute joy and hassle free to own. It is very...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    hello guys, thought it was about time to introduce myself. I'm Lee 18(19 in may) and i have a 2003 astra SXi 3 door. i have been brought up around vauxhalls and my first car was a corsa b SXi 1.2. when my dad was a lad his first car was a chevette, he then had two cavaliers(i wish i had some...
  4. Cars For Sale
    Hello everyone for sale is my Corsa 1.6 Sport in black. Taxed for 6 Months. MOT'd for 1 year. ( needs track rod ends, horn is temperamental, slight play in O/S/R wheel bearing, Need new handbrake cable also. 95,000 miles. ( this goes up as its my daily driver ) Alloy wheels, lowered all round...
  5. Car Talk
    Right going to let the cat out of the bag here as ive been very secretive into what I've been planning. I currently have a XEV engine fully rebuilt and also may have some throttle bodies for it. The plan was to build a corsa then put the XEV into it as not to many have been done and also I like...
  6. Cars and Items Wanted
    Looking for a corsa b 1.2 or lower sized engine.. Gotta be a mint shell all round, 3 door SXI is what i am after.. Paying generously to the ideal seller.. :thumb: PM me anyone who is letting a good car go!
  7. Cars and Items Wanted
    As titled I am after a set of corsa gsi side skirt 'L' pieces. I have the skirts now im just missing the L pieces. If anyone has any they would like to sell then please get in touch. thanks
  8. Items For Sale
    As above, in very good condition with no cracks and not faded. Will fit all Corsa B's and will stop your wipers making a bid for freedom at 70mph. Cheap and simple mod. £15.00 plus postage :thumb:
  9. Items For Sale
    All information is needed at this link - (4)13" Steel Wheels Complete With Tyres in Loanhead, Midlothian | Car Replacement Parts for Sale | Wheels and tyres. GET IN TOUCH!!! Thanks ;)
  10. Cars For Sale
    now sold SOLD sold
  11. Items For Sale
    A few parts left over from a recent project! -Vauxhall ASTRA CALIBRA CAVALIER CORSA REDTOP 2.0 16v Turbo C20LET C20XE Engine Sump and baffle plate. £25 Posted. -Vauxhall ASTRA CALIBRA VECTRA OMEGA 2.0 16V X20XEV Ecotec Inlet manifold. £20 Posted. -Vauxhall ASTRA CALIBRA CAVALIER CORSA...
  12. Cars For Sale
    I bought this last year with the intention of putting a 1.7 isuzu in but now I have lost the space that it's parked so it has to go. It is purple. 3 door standard and was a 12 valve. There are a few dents and scrapes and has been sat still for a year. The petrol cap is broken. It does have, 4...
  13. Items For Sale
    brother in-law has a combat 2 wide bodykit for sale, says he's looking for £150-£200 i know most people on this site don't condone bodykits but he's selling because i convinced him to enhance the standard looks as opposed to slapping a kit on, item is in good condition, any interest don't...
  14. Items For Sale
    As above, have two Tigra scuttle panels in perfect condition with all mounting points intact for sale. They suit the Corsa B and are proven to not only look better, but due to their design, also stop the wipers lifting at warp speed 7. £25.00 each posted to UK mainland address, no offers. Cheers
  15. Cars and Items Wanted
    I thought i'd try my luck with posting a thread here as i'm attempting to drop a c16xe engine into my 1litre corsa. As i've already found out these engines are getting rare and parts are even rarer. Although i've managed to source an engine it hasn't come with all the parts i need so I was was...
  16. Cars For Sale
    After five years and over 100,000 trouble free miles (out of a total of 166,000) I have decided to sell my Corsa 1.7D which has also been converted to run on straight vegetable oil – a free or cheap fuel. The car has never let me down until about a month ago when it wouldn't start - a simple...
  17. Cars and Items Wanted
    Am looking for a FULL corsa gsi kit in good condition. pm with any offers
  18. Cars and Items Wanted
    Right guys the girlfriend had a bit if a opps so i am now looking for a n/f/ wing ,n/s headlamp ,bonnet and front bumper the paint code is 82l silver . So if you are in the southwest then plz let me know i have cash waiting..........
1-20 of 40 Results