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  1. C20LET Engine, COSCAST Head, with Astra GTE conversion parts

    Items For Sale
    Hi all, I'm having a clearout of parts, as I sold my last Mk2 Astra GTE recently in exchange for a family car, so I now have no need for the spares... This sale is for a C20LET Calbra Turbo engine with COSCAST Cylinder Head, and Turbo, with parts for a Mk2 Astra GTE conversion. It's a...
  2. F28 V6 Driveshaft spacer

    Cars and Items Wanted
    As above anyone got one for sale?? Anyone know where I could get one?? Thanks john
  3. Manta-B/Cavalier Mk1/Chevette/Ascona-B to C20let/xe, kit

    Items For Sale
    Everything you need for converting any of ye old rwd's to a 16v or a 16v Turbo sump, engine mounts, ignition system, bell housing. everything is in good shape, and you get a discount if you want multiple kits (i.e for you and your mates or just for spare) these things are getting harder to...
  4. Astra Mk3 5 door c20xe engined Gsi look alike conversion

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    Car Make:Vauxhall Car Model:Astra Mk3 5 door hatchback Engine Size:2ltr 16v c20xe Registration Year:1994 Mileage:127900 Description:Conversion to GSI look alike with c20xe 2ltr red top engine in 2003. Its since had Irmsher official Vauxhall 25mm lower progressive springs and shocks all round...
  5. Wanted corsa b 1.2.....*(maybe a conversion)*

    Cars and Items Wanted
    Looking for a corsa b 1.2 or lower sized engine.. Gotta be a mint shell all round, 3 door SXI is what i am after.. Paying generously to the ideal seller.. :thumb: PM me anyone who is letting a good car go!
  6. corsa b 1.2 8v - x20xe redtop conversion??

    Engines and Transmission
    Hey guys, im mad to do a redtop on my brothers corsa b, ive seen lots of differant ways on how to go about it, was wonderin if anybody could give me a sloid giude on how to do it, from wireing diagram,gear linkage,engine mounts, engine, ecu, transmission, brakes and suspension!! I need the...
  7. R reg Corsa 1.0 12v 3 door in white

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    Engines dead (suspected timing chain jump) shell has minimal rust from the outside all i have noticed is bonnet and boot and a little patch on door sill, few dents but nothing major the worst being on the roof and bonnet, Mot'd untill sep and tax runs out end of this month (aug) overall good...
  8. Z20let clearout engine, box, looms, ecu etc!

    Items For Sale
    Bought all this stuff for a conversion into a corsa c, but lost interest. Probably forgot some stuff.... First off is a z20let engine with fancy stuff, not splitting! Engine is partly rebuilt The sump, head, block, inlet and rocker cover are all painted What's included is: Block, head...
  9. looking for c20let complete

    Cars and Items Wanted
    I'm looking for C20let complete coversion kit to put in my vectra b.
  10. C16xe parts wanted!!

    Cars and Items Wanted
    I thought i'd try my luck with posting a thread here as i'm attempting to drop a c16xe engine into my 1litre corsa. As i've already found out these engines are getting rare and parts are even rarer. Although i've managed to source an engine it hasn't come with all the parts i need so I was was...
  11. Immaculate C20LET

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    Vauxhall C20LET Engine Fully Rebuilt. on eBay (end time 07-Apr-11 17:59:51 BST)
  12. Big block ecotec 1.8 engine out of astra gsi mk3. (full set up)

    Items For Sale
    Hello I'll be selling my engine out of my mk3 astra gsi, I'll have it out for the weekend if I get a buyer, engine can be seen running and heard running not a problem. Runs mint, doesn't overheat, not too bad on fuel and overall pretty clean. I'll be selling the full setup, everything for an...
  13. Tigra project engine conversion prepped.

    Cars For Sale
    This car IS registered as a 1.4 and that's what engine will be sold with the car. There's nothing illegal about it so if this ad gets closed I will get my money back from paypal. Basically this car is PREPPED for an engine conversion, with power steering system removed and lower crossmember has...
  14. c20xe engine mount, x14xe full conversion kit

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    Selling c20xe redtop corsa b engine mount:|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318 ecotec...
  15. redtop needed preferably with whole car.

    Cars and Items Wanted
    in desperate need of a complete running red top for my mini project. could do with a spares/repair car as need engine/box/whole loom/clocks etc. please email or pm if u are selling a cheap running redtop. in plymouth but pickup no problems on a weekend. cheers:beer:
  16. Corsa C Z20LET+F23 conversion kit parts, hoses e.t.c.(TRADE)

    Items For Sale
    We have just finished our first Corsa C Z20LET conversion kits, the kit at the moment is suitable for the Z10XE and Z12XE Corsa C models, extra parts will be needed for the other models which will follow shortly. The kit consists of the following parts; O/S engine mount N/S F23 gearbox mount...
  17. My Corsa XE to LET to XEV Project

    Projects & Restorations
    this is going to be a very slow build to start with untill my money gets back to a healty level. my target is only 300bhp mainly due to drivability but im going to start out at evo5 and hope for 280bhp with a k26 hybrid. this is the car at PVS 07 it now has 16inch mille miglia wheels in white...