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  1. Items For Sale
    I am selling my Genuine Vauxhall Front Mudflaps. I originally bought these for my Mk3 Astra GSi, but never fitted them. Stumbled across them when having a clearout. I've opened the packet to make sure all fittings are present. £25 delivered. Cheers, Nathan
  2. Cars and Items Wanted
    Does anyone have these covers for sale please? Image for reference. Cheers. Dave
  3. Cars For Sale
    Cavalier Cesaro Motorsport Edition 1.8 for sale, rare tidy car Our daily runabout needs to find a new home. It’s a genuine Cavalier Cesaro Motorsport Edition in the 1.8 guise running a C18NZ being the 8 valve single point injection variant. The car drives flawlessly as I’ve maintained it myself...
  4. Items For Sale
    Price dropped 9th May 2016 I have a pair (front & rear) metal rocker covers from a Vectra B X25XE. They have been shot blasted and are pristine and perfect condition, you could eat your dinner off them but it’s not recommended. Change of plans means they are no longer required. Perfect for...
  5. Items For Sale
    As Title, This is a cover for the top edge of the dashboard on the Calibra and Mk3 Cavalier...the bit that always splits!! Made by Lenk Tuning in Germany, in Carbon Fibre, the top/face is a glossy black which is a type of primed base ready to accept paint or vinyl and the underside is quite...
  6. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hi. I'm after a set of 4 door cards from a CDX or similar with wood inserts. Good condition only please. PM me and we'll talk prices! (May consider seats as well to fit Hatchback)
  7. Cars and Items Wanted
    As above guys can't find the outer rear anti roll bar bushes for my m reg cav Sri 16v ecotec shell anywhere! It's the outer ends that are flat and they are flatter more rectangular bushes rather than the round ones you get? Can anybody help? Cheers!
  8. Engines and Transmission
    Hi guys! So, i drove this roadlegal Manta 3,0 for a couple of years, until a jealoux idiot totaled it.. after sitting around for a long time i decided to go drift in it (SO much more soul than the e30 i used). BUT, it need more power! And as it is an unusual car for drifting, i'm not going...
  9. Items For Sale
    Removed from my donor MV6. In excellent working order, 90k ish miles when I got it, runs like a dream. Only ditching it as I have a replacement 3.2 for the project car (bought the donor for its gearbox). Would make an ideal upgrade for Cavalier/Calibra/Vectra V6 owners looking for extra...
  10. Cars and Items Wanted
    As above looking for a green Sri cav bonnet must be rust free. Also two front wings in green rust free. Car will be getting a full paint job but would be good to get decent panels the same colour as car. It's an m reg dark green Sri hatchback. Cash waiting Let me knows guys cheers
  11. Cars and Items Wanted
    Any cavs for sale pm me price and info cheers :)
  12. Items For Sale
    Everything you need for converting any of ye old rwd's to a 16v or a 16v Turbo sump, engine mounts, ignition system, bell housing. everything is in good shape, and you get a discount if you want multiple kits (i.e for you and your mates or just for spare) these things are getting harder to...
  13. Cars and Items Wanted
    As subject line suggests I'm on the hunt for a full set of Bilstein B8 shock absorbers for a Cavalier Turbo.
  14. Items For Sale
    Cavalier Turbo Breaking/For Sale (pic heavy) Right guys I have a nice clean cav turbo in wants a little love to get it back on the road or I am willing to break if there's interest. To get it back on the road it needs a turbo (or a rebuild of the stage 1 hybrid that's with it) and a set of...
  15. Items For Sale
    I have Cavalier Turbo leather seats for sale, very good condition, drivers bolster good (no rips or tears), just in need of some deep moisturiser and perhaps a colouring/filling session depending on how fussy you are. Foams are all solid, just a few cracks and creases in the leather as you might...
  16. Items For Sale
    all up for grabs everything is available in the pictures need any closer pics just send me a pm :) price list as follows :) redtop parts c20xe power cap with nearly new rubber donut icv £10 (2 left) inlet 's £12.50 (3 left) c20let plug cover plastic £5 red plug cover...
  17. Cars For Sale
    The time has come to part with my manual 1994 Cavalier CDX V6 saloon. It isn’t getting much use as my other cars are now the focus of my attention, so I thought I’d put a sale ad up on the forum. It’s a brilliant car, super reliable, and is a bit of a sleeper due to the under-bonnet mods and...
  18. Items For Sale
    As per title.... Have a set of electronic Calibra SE9 derived 160mph clocks showing 95k (but that can be altered) in very good condition with no peeling on the faces along with a set of matching grey oil and volt gauges for the centre console. Bought for mine then realised I have a speedo...
  19. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hi, I'm after a pair of pre face lift Cav sri skirts. Would appreciate knowing if anyone has any for sale. Cheers.
1-20 of 52 Results