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  1. Items For Sale
    Price dropped 9th May 2016 I have a pair (front & rear) metal rocker covers from a Vectra B X25XE. They have been shot blasted and are pristine and perfect condition, you could eat your dinner off them but it’s not recommended. Change of plans means they are no longer required. Perfect for...
  2. Items For Sale
    As Title, This is a cover for the top edge of the dashboard on the Calibra and Mk3 Cavalier...the bit that always splits!! Made by Lenk Tuning in Germany, in Carbon Fibre, the top/face is a glossy black which is a type of primed base ready to accept paint or vinyl and the underside is quite...
  3. Cars For Sale
    SOLD 1993 Vauxhall Calibra Turbo - Modified 250BHP + Private Plate + Revs Mag Featured Car 1998 Up for sale is my 22 year old 1993 Vauxhall Calibra. I'm moving house and clearing out the garage and I think its time for a change after 17 years of ownership. It has been featured in Revs Magazine...
  4. Cars For Sale
    Car Make: Vauxhall Car Model: Calibra Engine Size: 2000 C20LET Registration Year: 1996 Mileage: 157,000 Description: First things first - the Mrs. is making me sell this as she is totally unreasonable. Secondly - This was the car I dreamed of owning when I first started driving and I never...
  5. Engines and Transmission
    Hello everyone, I have got a standard Calibra Turbo C20LET and today the engine management light has come on. I did the paperclip test and read out 71. #71 Intake air temperature - voltage high Any ideas on where I should look? The car is running fine just with limited boost to 0.2BAR...
  6. Cars and Items Wanted
    Wanted (Rear) Eibach EW6518002HA From the pro kit for a Calibra turbo 4x4. Drop me a message if you have a set or know anyone, the guy I bought my car off had two different springs and the ride height is wrong :( Cheers, Sean
  7. Items For Sale
    As per title.... Have a set of electronic Calibra SE9 derived 160mph clocks showing 95k (but that can be altered) in very good condition with no peeling on the faces along with a set of matching grey oil and volt gauges for the centre console. Bought for mine then realised I have a speedo...
  8. Items For Sale
    Calibra Rear Evo Spoiler £50 ===================== I'm selling my fiberglass Evo spoiler with brake light off my Calibra. Nothing wrong with it, just changed my mind and fitted a different one. Note: even though it will fit a Calibra tailgate you will need to drill 3 holes each end, plus it...
  9. Cars For Sale
    For sale 1997 R reg in blue 48000 miles from new 1 previous owner (my dad who died 3 years ago) Really want to keep it but i dont use it enough will be very sad to see it go. completely standard, no silly exhausts or been lowered.just piperx panel filter imaculate condition with just a few...
  10. Items For Sale
    I have a genuine Pipercross foam induction cone fitted to my Cavalier Turbo that I am selling as I want to return the car to a standard set up. These are best part of £90 new and this one is in good used condition, so I'm looking for £45. Will fit both LET and XE equipped cars (and maybe others?).
  11. Items For Sale
    I've ended up with more badges than I need! Brand new GENUINE 'Turbo' badge for your Calibra or Cavalier Turbo. Perfect to replace your discoloured old badge and to really give the appearance of your motor a lift. Could fit to any car, obviously, but they were originally designed for C20LET...
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  14. Items For Sale
    I have a spare set now as I swapped the new ones from my SE onto my LE. The LE ones are fine. Though these are bigger than standard Calibra Turbo Callipers. Not sure why but they are only available at Vauxhall dealers. Might be as they are from the LE. They will still fit any 16v/Turbo/V6...
  15. eBay Watch
    Complete 3.0 V6 bottom end including oil cooler, thermostat, sump, flywheel etc: Vauxhall Omega X30XE bottom end complete 3.0 V6 | eBay
  16. Cars and Items Wanted
    hi im looking for an ecu for my vectra sri 2.5 v6. i have immobiliser issues with the current one and cant tow it the way it is sitting so i am looking for the ecu without the transponder. apparently they come from old calibras etc....the code on the ecu is a 'PN' code as far as i'm aware. any...
1-20 of 35 Results