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calibra turbo

  1. WANTED Eibach EW6518002HA

    Cars and Items Wanted
    Wanted (Rear) Eibach EW6518002HA From the pro kit for a Calibra turbo 4x4. Drop me a message if you have a set or know anyone, the guy I bought my car off had two different springs and the ride height is wrong :( Cheers, Sean
  2. Cavalier/Calibra Turbo Standard Mahl forged pistons on eBay 86mm.

    Items For Sale
    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Last chance to buy (today).
  3. Calibra 4X4 Turbo seat frame

    Cars and Items Wanted
    Im looking for a passenger seat frame from a 4X4 Turbo. The car I boughts got a frame from the 16V but it doesnt fit right without the bolting plate, (nr gearbox tunnel) Thanks Mark
  4. Cavalier/Calibra turbo wheels

    Cars and Items Wanted
    as above, wanted... good condition, tyres dont matter! post up or pm whatever you have!
  5. Calibra Turbo

    Calibra Turbo

    Calibra Turbo with custom front and smoothed sides.
  6. My old Cally Turbo

    My old Cally Turbo

    My old Cally Turbo