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  1. Projects & Restorations
    Hi Mig web :) I currently have a Arden Blue corsa that has a few minor mods to it. I am going a little further and previously have been asked to get a project thread up so here goes! Been a very busy day too! I went to have a look at a 1.2 8V shell that has been very well looked after and had a...
  2. Engines and Transmission
    hi today my c20xe REDTOP air flow meter (sensor) broke,:( (it is a redtop version! the c20xe its self doesn't fit as looked into it) i have tried looking on the internet and they are a round 300quid new, i was wondering if any one had one for sell or knew anyone. please can anyhelp????????
  3. Other Mechanical & Electrical
    Hi all just a quick one ive got my ecu in the drivers footwell where the original one was and i was wondering what people have done to cover it up as the original cover is too small to put back anyone got any ideas what to use theres enough xe corsas about these days so thought id put a post up...
1-3 of 3 Results