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  1. Engines and Transmission
    Hi Guys, So I have a C20let that ran too rich and messed up my engine quiet bad. The block was rebored to 20thou, crank to 10thou but I cannot find an affordable set of 20thou C20LET pistons. However, I can get a set of standard C20let Mahle pistons but not a C20let block. So what block is...
  2. Other Mechanical & Electrical
    I’ve a mk3 astra C20let running the Astra gsi radiator (has no problems) the afm pipe has started getting squashed between the radiator bracket and the bonnet. The radiator is old, I’m wanting a replacement. I’m wanting one to fit underneath the panel so that the afm pipe is free to leave space...
  3. Items For Sale
    I’m after a C20LET top hat cover it doesn’t have to be the original turbo cover. Im also after a mk2 GTE Digi dash plug
  4. Engines and Transmission
    I’ve been using the car regular no problems at all. Came to start it one morning and nothing is happening. A couple of month ago I had the same problem so I renewed all of my earths, worked a treat. Checked the earths anyway, no problems. Dash is lighting up ignition wiring is fine. A turn of...
  5. Cars For Sale
    SOLD 1993 Vauxhall Calibra Turbo - Modified 250BHP + Private Plate + Revs Mag Featured Car 1998 Up for sale is my 22 year old 1993 Vauxhall Calibra. I'm moving house and clearing out the garage and I think its time for a change after 17 years of ownership. It has been featured in Revs Magazine...
  6. Items For Sale
    C20LET/C20XE Cav/Calibra Parts for sale - garage clearout I'm moving house so its a time to clear out the garage. All items can be posted to any UK address. If buying multiple items, to save shipping costs, contact me and I can give you a new quote for the total amount. Shipping shall be done...
  7. eBay Watch
    Hi. Here is my offer about upgraded Anti-Roll Bar for Astra and Kadett The diameter is 22 mm I am also a owner of Astra GSI c20let with this ARB and it really improves the handling performances. LINK: ~! UPGRADE 22mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar (ARB) Sway Bar ASTRA F GSI red top C20LET !~ | eBay...
  8. Items For Sale
    c20let head just had it skimmed pressure tested new valve seals valves reground in open to sensible offers
  9. Cars For Sale
    Car Make: Vauxhall Car Model: Calibra Engine Size: 2000 C20LET Registration Year: 1996 Mileage: 157,000 Description: First things first - the Mrs. is making me sell this as she is totally unreasonable. Secondly - This was the car I dreamed of owning when I first started driving and I never...
  10. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hi I'm after a decent bottom Crank Pulley, both the inner [SquaureTooth] cam belt crank pulley and the wide multi groove alternator pulley. I had to get mine off my cav turbo the other day and two of the 6 smaller bolts snapped, I tryed welding a nut on them but no good. Angle grinder them down...
  11. Items For Sale
    complete head £400 f20 box £40 complete bottom end £200
  12. Engines and Transmission
    Hello everyone, I have got a standard Calibra Turbo C20LET and today the engine management light has come on. I did the paperclip test and read out 71. #71 Intake air temperature - voltage high Any ideas on where I should look? The car is running fine just with limited boost to 0.2BAR...
  13. Items For Sale
    Everything you need for converting any of ye old rwd's to a 16v or a 16v Turbo sump, engine mounts, ignition system, bell housing. everything is in good shape, and you get a discount if you want multiple kits (i.e for you and your mates or just for spare) these things are getting harder to...
  14. Items For Sale
    corsa c20let breaking for parts, Can deliver or postage anything for a price, collection is from Birmingham every night and weekend. C20LET engine, with inlet, enlarged top hat, s144 KKK hybrid turbo, no smoke, can see running before purchase. Victor Reinz Bottom end seals and...
  15. Cars and Items Wanted
    Wanted (Rear) Eibach EW6518002HA From the pro kit for a Calibra turbo 4x4. Drop me a message if you have a set or know anyone, the guy I bought my car off had two different springs and the ride height is wrong :( Cheers, Sean
  16. Items For Sale
    I have Cavalier Turbo leather seats for sale, very good condition, drivers bolster good (no rips or tears), just in need of some deep moisturiser and perhaps a colouring/filling session depending on how fussy you are. Foams are all solid, just a few cracks and creases in the leather as you might...
  17. Cars and Items Wanted
    Must have good surface left for skimming etc. Let me know ASAP. :thumb: Thanks.
  18. Cars and Items Wanted
    Got a set of EDS Ph2 chips, need a power wheel to connect to 'em for low/high settings. Cheers. PM me if you've got anything. :thumb:
  19. Items For Sale
    hi there, i ve got this well built C20LET intake manifold/ plenum. it comes with a billet aluminium fuel rail (not pictured) (able to take standard C20LET injectors) and it comes with a 3inch throttle body. It was custom fitted on a Chevrolet Lacetti but i'm quite sure that it should fit in any...
  20. eBay Watch
    Vauxhall Cavalier Turbo Leather Seats Interior C20LET also fits GSi SRi CDX V6 | eBay
1-20 of 61 Results