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  1. Engines and Transmission
    Hi Guys, So I have a C20let that ran too rich and messed up my engine quiet bad. The block was rebored to 20thou, crank to 10thou but I cannot find an affordable set of 20thou C20LET pistons. However, I can get a set of standard C20let Mahle pistons but not a C20let block. So what block is...
  2. Items For Sale
    Hi all, I'm having a clearout of parts, as I sold my last Mk2 Astra GTE recently in exchange for a family car, so I now have no need for the spares... This sale is for a C20LET Calbra Turbo engine with COSCAST Cylinder Head, and Turbo, with parts for a Mk2 Astra GTE conversion. It's a...
  3. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hello all, have been out the game a while since i sold my astra coupe c20let, now looking to build another to a higher spec. I am looking really for a complete c20let engine with ecu and loom. Any seperate parts would be useful though i.e. block, head, loom, ecu....... Please post any...
  4. Cars and Items Wanted
    I'm looking for C20let complete coversion kit to put in my vectra b.
  5. eBay Watch
    Hi all I currently have a c20let and f28 listed on ebay at the minute; caroline0581 | eBay Just trying to circulate :rolleyes: If you know of anyone needing any parts from a Calibra Turbo, will be listing more thru week.....Fan Blades, GMax Springs, Gauges, Exhaust with standard centre...
1-5 of 5 Results