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  1. Projects & Restorations
    Seeing as my Saab tigra idea failed ive decided to use the engine out of the astra that the Saab engine ended up going in to power my tigra. The car is done and ready for the engine so I've been working on the engine getting it ready for fitting. Started by changing the timing belt for a new...
  2. Cars For Sale
    Hello I'm looking to sell my tigra project as it's sat in the way and I'm buying another house so I want rid ad it's too good to scrap. Basically the engine that was in was removed for a Saab project due to the timing belt snapping, so I will be selling the tigra which has had the power steering...
  3. Projects & Restorations
    Evening all. For a while I have been thinking about a proper project. After being at Crail and seeing how much fun can be had from a cheap XE corsa I decided I wanted in on the action. The Brief Plan Some form of boggo spec Corsa, standard to look at, some form of XE, get a gearbox with 5...
1-3 of 3 Results