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  1. Cars and Items Wanted
    Does anyone have a good condition Saab B204 turbo engine or bottom end lying around that they would like to part with? I've got rod knock and would rather change the engine and swap over my top end and mods. As close to the borders as possible unless u can stick it on a pallet and ship it. Cash...
    £500 GBP
  2. Astra (All models)
    Lately this week I had a small impact with my Astra G 1.7CDTI, and when I fixed some body parts and started using the vehicle regularly again, I noticed that the boost gauge is reading 0.5psi of full boost instead of 0.7psi as it was reading before the accident. I opened the bonnet and found...
  3. Items For Sale
    I’m after a C20LET top hat cover it doesn’t have to be the original turbo cover. Im also after a mk2 GTE Digi dash plug
  4. Engines and Transmission
    I’ve been using the car regular no problems at all. Came to start it one morning and nothing is happening. A couple of month ago I had the same problem so I renewed all of my earths, worked a treat. Checked the earths anyway, no problems. Dash is lighting up ignition wiring is fine. A turn of...
  5. Items For Sale
    I am selling my Genuine Vauxhall Front Mudflaps. I originally bought these for my Mk3 Astra GSi, but never fitted them. Stumbled across them when having a clearout. I've opened the packet to make sure all fittings are present. £25 delivered. Cheers, Nathan
  6. Items For Sale
    Price dropped 9th May 2016 Change of plans means I have a brand new black aero filler cap and resin moulded fitting kit designed for the Astra mk3 hatch 3 or 5 door. It was purchased from Think Automotive brand new and has never been used. Surprisingly the kit is still available to purchase new...
  7. Cars and Items Wanted
    Posting this a little prematurely as i am bidding on one on ebay but if anybody has an astra g OPC grill (genuine) please let me know, i dont want to be paying £100 for one on ebay lol Thanks
  8. eBay Watch
    Hi. Here is my offer about upgraded Anti-Roll Bar for Astra and Kadett The diameter is 22 mm I am also a owner of Astra GSI c20let with this ARB and it really improves the handling performances. LINK: ~! UPGRADE 22mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar (ARB) Sway Bar ASTRA F GSI red top C20LET !~ | eBay...
  9. Projects & Restorations
    Well I think its about time I start a diary of my latest Mk3 Astra (number 8 I think I've lost count!) Over the years I've had 5 door and 3 door Mk3's but have always hankered a estate. No one has really bothered with the estate on Mk3oc and I have always said I would get one and make it my...
  10. Introduce Yourself
    hello guys, thought it was about time to introduce myself. I'm Lee 18(19 in may) and i have a 2003 astra SXi 3 door. i have been brought up around vauxhalls and my first car was a corsa b SXi 1.2. when my dad was a lad his first car was a chevette, he then had two cavaliers(i wish i had some...
  11. Cars For Sale
    For Sale is our much loved Astra (Mk 3) Bertone Ltd Edition Carbriolet. The engine is a 2.0l 8V C20NE and is running tremendously well! The vehicle as a whole has been very well looked after with full body kit, needing only attention to the skirts at the rear. Drives very well and pulls...
  12. Cars and Items Wanted
    hello, im looking for a astra preferable a 1.7 diesel or 1.6 petrol. got about 2k to spend (i know im only going to get about 2004/5ish) but might be willing to stretch a bit for the perfect car;);) what have you guys got then?:thumb:
  13. eBay Watch
    Here a link to a few bits I have on ebay atm. I'll be putting quite a few things up in the next week or two. vidwiz68 | eBay Cheers:thumb:
  14. Cars For Sale
    Car Make: Vauxhall Car Model: Astra Engine Size: 1.6 Registration Year: 1998 Mileage: 125000 Description: Vauxhall Astra convertible, average condition, we have had the car for two and a half years now, and since then it has had: New breaks all round Radiator replaced (second hand) New...
  15. Cars For Sale
    Car Make:Vauxhall Car Model:Astra Mk3 5 door hatchback Engine Size:2ltr 16v c20xe Registration Year:1994 Mileage:127900 Description:Conversion to GSI look alike with c20xe 2ltr red top engine in 2003. Its since had Irmsher official Vauxhall 25mm lower progressive springs and shocks all round...
  16. Items For Sale
    Right then guys many parts available starting with exterior, Electric heated mirrors £25 ------sold------- Lumar front bumper £150 Rear bumper with Irmscher spats £80 Irmscher side skirts (only painted 6 months ago) £80 Irmscher grill (no badge) £55 FK angle eyes £70 rear lights (coupe...
  17. East Midlands have few of us going out for a play on 5th Oct and have arranged a mini club display but the up-take has been slow so if anyone on here fancies coming to play or spectate we have arranged a discount via this link with Javelin Trackdays click me using password astraclub1005, then...
  18. Items For Sale
    I have a full G-Max suspension kit for sale with a 40mm drop all round. It has only covered around 3K miles and is in excellent all round condition. Designed to fit all Astra mk2 hatch/convertible/saloon excluding the 16v. I had these fitted to an mk3 1.6 from new with no issues and only...
  19. Cars and Items Wanted
    Looking for a bolt in cage for a mk2 or mk3 astra, pm with what you have, thanks. Shane
  20. eBay Watch
    title says it all cheap items no reserve on anything and starting at 0.99!!!!! vist my gfs ebay and have a look!! sarahmilton1807 | eBay
1-20 of 115 Results