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  1. Other Mechanical & Electrical
    Copied from a previous post of mine. i have a mk4 astra sri turbo, under hard braking it locks the front right wheel. I can feel the abs kick in but it locks the front right wheel and stays locked up for a second even once the pedal is lifted. EDIT: Also worth noting that the traction control...
  2. Projects & Restorations
    First of all hi boys and girls :thumb: i have just recently started using this forum but some of you may know me from Corsa-c. Anyway having owned my latest project a while now i thought i would start a progress thread. The first part of the thread will be me playing catch up. So having sold...
  3. Items For Sale
    4 x 17" Astra Coupe / SRi alloys.... SOLD F28 6spd gearbox converted to hydraulic... SOLD Mk4 Astra SRi / Prodrive rear bumper.... SOLD 308mm calipers... Astra GSi Turbo spec calipers with carriers, hoses and pads of unknown origin. Need a clean / degrease but no leaks etc. £40.00...
  4. Items For Sale
    red mk4 1998 1.6 16v sport astra breaking full car just ask for what part tour after and a price your willing to pay :thumb:
  5. Cars and Items Wanted
    looking for a astra mk4 sri 2.0 16v complete engine with gear box ecu shafts loom etc cash waiting pm me, text me on 07543049755 or message me on facebook(stewart corsar) with pics or links to pics of the engine cheers
  6. Cars and Items Wanted
    needing a transponder or full ecu kit for my mk4 2.0 engine really needing it so pm me a price ur wanting for it
  7. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hi, does anyone know where I can buy tinted rear lights for my Mk4 Hatch? The standard lights tinted to a mirror finish are really nice. If anyone makes them, please let me know. Thanks
  8. Other Mechanical & Electrical
    Well, I know there are GSi ones that are 308mm are a straight swap, but what else can be fitted? Vectra C? Vectra B? I'm not sure, but I think I have 288 just now.
  9. Projects & Restorations
    Well, been today in fife to pick something up. apparently it was that: It's a proper SRi with 2.0 16 valver, that's going for sale soon, if someone fancies it, or might put it in my other mates Corsa B for fun :D and I have that kicking about at my mates: So the car is TAXed until end...
  10. Cars and Items Wanted
    hi im after a astra mk4 3dr pref black year 2000 to 2003 anyone got anything for sale show me what you have got post pics many thanks cash waiting cheers
1-10 of 10 Results