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  1. Other Mechanical & Electrical
    Car cranks but don't turn over I have the spanner with car light on dash (stays on dont flash ) Pedal test bringing no codes up (wouldn't be able to tell if it was flashing as the light stays on) Heres a link with what the light looks like all other electrics work fine
  2. ICE & Security
    How about that?
  3. Other Mechanical & Electrical
    Hi, I'm building a stock race car (class is called bilcross in Norway) for my daugther on a Ostra G, with a 1,8 16v - 125HP engine. I messed up and didn't account for the immo when I was cutting away unecessary wiring and plugs. Did what we always do, cut until the engine stops - but we used...
  4. Styling, Wheels & Interior
    I am looking for the fog lights inserts by Mattig for Astra G. They seem to be rare, so if someone is a happy owner of them I would be grateful for providing me the dimensions so I could 3D print them.
  5. Cars and Items Wanted
    Few items required for an Astra G MK4, please let me know if you have any of these ? Full leather or half leather front seats SRI centre console (silver and black) or sat nav centre console Silver rear estate bumper and number plate trim etc Front mounted Intercooler to fit G/MK4 Thanks
  6. Projects & Restorations
    First of all hi boys and girls :thumb: i have just recently started using this forum but some of you may know me from Corsa-c. Anyway having owned my latest project a while now i thought i would start a progress thread. The first part of the thread will be me playing catch up. So having sold...
  7. Items For Sale
    Hey all. I'm breaking my Astra G. I'm located In Hemel Hempstead and Stevenage for work. Prices don't include postage Ill have to work it out and add it on, but happy to meet you or you can collect. Pictures on request, if you need anymore info please ask. Parts List. EDS 9l side...
  8. Items For Sale
    Sold my Astra and moved over to a Ford Mondeo so its of no use anymore. Its OPCOM 100820B with disc and USB, worked fine and enabled all features on my 56 plate 1.9CDTi (150), anyone chuck a tenner my way and its yours.
  9. Cars For Sale
    Car Make: Vauxhall Car Model: Astra sxi Engine Size: 1.6 Registration Year: 2003 Mileage: less than 63,000 Description: Cat back scorpion exhaust system. AP height adjustable coilovers. satin black team dynamic pro race 1.2's with almost new toyo t1r tyres. 280mm brake upgrade. HID's 6000...
  10. Items For Sale
    right erm bought a 2004 astra with a z16xep engine the guy who had it before me (gf bro) had the top end rebuilt about a month ago costing him £860 due to 2 burn out valves and a new cam shaft cover aswell a few weeks after piston one failed and wrecked 2 valves and the piston put a hole...
  11. Other Mechanical & Electrical
    Well, I know there are GSi ones that are 308mm are a straight swap, but what else can be fitted? Vectra C? Vectra B? I'm not sure, but I think I have 288 just now.
  12. Projects & Restorations
    Well, been today in fife to pick something up. apparently it was that: It's a proper SRi with 2.0 16 valver, that's going for sale soon, if someone fancies it, or might put it in my other mates Corsa B for fun :D and I have that kicking about at my mates: So the car is TAXed until end...
1-12 of 12 Results