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  1. Vectra B 288mm Calipers and carriers

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    As title, i would like a pair of 288mm brake calipers and carriers from a Vectra B please, and if you fancy chucking in the pads too if they have enough meat left on them, they would be greatly appreciated. These need to be in good condition and working perfectly, to bolt straight on...i dont...
  2. Auction Vauxhall Calibra / Vectra - Saab Green Stuff Brake Pads

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    Vauxhall Calibra / Vectra - Saab Green Stuff Brake Pads on eBay Vauxhall Calibra / Vectra - Saab 900 / 95 - EBC Green Stuff Performance Brake Pads. Brand new and never been used as can be seen in the picture. I have trial fitted these in 288mm / 308mm Vauxhall Calipers and all fine. Part...