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  • Allvaux ·
    Jackie, Jackie give me your answer do, I'm half naked and I need a pooh. I can't afford loo paper, or a windscreen scraper, so please dear Jack, can I wipe my crack on your Cavalier, say do.
    chris993 ·
    i have noticed a few missed calls off a private number but cant answer at work most of the time, if it was you i am sorry, if you can call during the day on 01270 507731 and ask 4 chris,
    Allvaux ·
    Sorry to hear about the Cav of love dude. Keep the faith brother, buy a decent alarm and don't sell the car.
    tommychimp ·
    Jack only has two modes Economy, or stop. He dreads his cav TD coming on boost out of fear the MPG dropping below 55. He likes to strip (corsas) in his garage too. And after all that the crazy fool will try to sneak away under a thick cloud of black smoke from the legendary cavalier of love, can often be seen cruising along the A38 between Tamworth and Long Eaton to team up with his partner in crime; the legendary Nemesis
    Formally known as Alfred, this midlands mincer can often be found on top of the highest grassy bank howling at the moon.
    Allvaux ·
    Caused Mig to crash on Sunday and doesn't show pictures of his sticker. Does 23mph on the motorway to save fuel but he's one of my favourite customers. Ps does anyone want to buy a scooter?
    KillBill ·
    Jack the diesel Cavalier man. When not regaling us with tales of his oil burning extensive road trips with the legendary Nemesis, hangs out in the electronics forum giving valuable advice on how to waste your time at work doing various student bum type activities. Has also been known to visit the mighty Allvaux and buy suspicious 1.2 Corsa slags... keep an eye on this boy...
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