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  • ropper456 ·
    Hi dom I no it was a while ago but I was wondering if you could help me out with a pulse converter to fit a digi dash in a 1.7td isuzu cav or no of where I could find one etc much appreciated thanks
    IainA ·
    Hi Dom,
    totally off-subject but here goes - I found a post by you mentioning that you had a sound file of the Gumphlumph story by Stratford Johns? Any chance you still have it, and if so can I get a copy please?
    It's an old family favourite and I've been looking for it all over the place for my daughter.
    01spen ·
    Hi, I am just contacting you as I saw a old post from you regarding the digi dash fuel gauge mod and needed some help. I have fitted a digi dash in my c20let Corsa B. Fitting went smoothly and it looks great. Only problem is my fuel gauge over reads. Do you know which resistor I have to change and for which one. Also do you sell the parts I need. Any help is appreciated!
    Kindest Regards James
    Dom ·
    Hi - please see the forum at Welcome to Picbits. Bulbs, connectors, electronics and other goodies for all pulse converter news :)
    deegte ·
    Hello hear you used too or still do the convertors for the v6 into a mk3 Astra to make it read correctly on the rev counter.
    I'd be interested in buying one if still available.
    Thanks dee.
    smuelo666 ·
    Hiya mate I've been told your the man to ask for astra gte bulb holders (the small rectangle ones) for ticker type digital dash?
    benannesley ·
    Hi I know this is a long shot but do you still have a recording of Stratford Johns Gumphlumph
    and if so would it be possible to get a copy
    Dom ·
    Please ask any questions on the forums as they won't be answered on my visitors messages (or by PM if it's not relevant to be in a private mesage)
    dj_ande_kaos ·
    Alright mate? Been reading through post on Digi dashes and seems like your the man lol. In after some advice/help on doing a led conversion on one? What will I need and what's the best way to go about this? I was going just make a custom bracket and wire them to the black and brown wires on the white plug. Would this work? I'm useless with wiring lol.
    Any help will be anticipated
    Cheers mate :)
    a9racer ·
    hi there bud,
    can you help me please. I have mrk 4 astravan y reg which I have just converted to 2.5v6 from a cavi redtop and put my f28 hearbox problem is I have no speedo.
    I no I need pass side abs hub and connect to a fuse but I don't no what fuse or can you put me in right direction and I will buy new parts no problem
    sayonarab ·
    Hi dom!

    My name is Daniel; I live in Spain and I'm opel fan.
    I have some c20let in my garaje.

    I put now a digidash into my calibra turbo; all correctly but I've problem with the internal relay (dimmer).
    Can I repair? Can yo tell me what relay is??? Best regards
    Dom ·
    Hi Paul - if the gauge is showing 1/4 when the tank is empty, I'd say you need a bit of resistance inline with the sender wire to bring it down a bit. I'd grab some 10 ohm 1 watt (1/2 watt at a push) resistors and some 1 ohm 1 watt resistors from Maplin and see what happens when you bung a couple in series. You can then work out the closest one required and purchase a single one to go inline with your sender. What you'd need to double check when its sorted is that your maximum gauge reading then works properly.
    base190380 ·
    Hi Dom I bought a pulse converter off you last month to sort out my get digi dash spedo in my ford it's fab thanks, I was wondering if you know of a variable resistor I could use to get the fuel gauge to read correct, when tanks empty it shows quarter full. Can you get a variable resistor that has a resistance reading of zero at one end of the scale to fine tune it? Thanks paul
    valvercorsa ·
    hi i have just read your pulse converter thread and been on your website but just wanted to double check its what i need. i am building (nearly completed) a saab b204 mk3 astra conversion and was going to run the abs ecu as a speed signal for ecu and clocks. will your product do this job without having to run the ecu?
    thanks mike
    Dom ·
    Afraid not bigf - I know Lee69 put an Astra G dash in his MK3 and had a similar problem so it might be worth asking him how he solved the problem.
    bigf ·
    hello dom my freind told me that you sell some sort of resiseter for the astra g to get the temp guage working, i have converted it to a 2.0.xe and cannot get guage working i have got a aftermarket one but would like to get the one on clocks working thanx frankie
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