Are you sure this is a Vauxhall? Okay, it's only a sketch but an impressive one - and yes, it is a Vauxhall. This is the first view of the Signum2, a study of a new body-style concept for the 2001 motor show circuit.

Dynamic design with an innovative interior, the concept and the unusual ideas contained within, underline Vauxhall's reputation as the leading manufacturer of versatile cars.

From the side, Signum2 looks like a coupe, especially when the four frameless side-windows are fully retracted. With a glass panorama-roof extending to the windscreen ensures a spacious and airy interior, it will seat four people in 'business class' comfort.

Packed with neat solutions to modern day driving, the Signum2 is easy to enter. Pull the door handle and the front seats swivel automatically towards the doorways. The steering wheel is lowered into the instrument panel, making access even easier.

When the seat is turned to the front, the steering wheel moves out at the push of a button, revealing a clear view of the instrument display.

Equally futuristic is the rear infotainment system, where the passengers can watch films in cinema quality, thanks to special video glasses and DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) players.