Vauxhall Branded iPod Dock and Key holder
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Thread: Vauxhall Branded iPod Dock and Key holder

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    Question Vauxhall Branded iPod Dock and Key holder

    Jewellery designer Daisuke Sakaguchi has created the ultimate in-car iPod accessory: a sterling silver docking bay that fits over a charger and incorporates storage areas for keys, loose change and the iPod itself.

    Sakaguchi, a member of the Vauxhall-sponsored VX Collective, calls his creation the Vaux Dock. It costs more than an iPod at £399, although as just six will be made, it presumably counts as a limited-edition artistic artefact as well as a practical accessory.

    Vauxhall has a side operation going on called the VX Collective. In short, it's a group of Trendy British People "from the worlds of film, design, cooking, clubbing and sport" who design random swag that's somehow car-related, which Vauxhall then sells on the VX Collective website. Past items have included leather dice to hang from your rearview mirror and a screen-printed purse designed to precisely fit the Vauxhall Tigra's glovebox.

    It can be ordered via Just remember to add it to your insurance policy.
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