There’s a waiting list at Vauxhall, and expectant buyers are being told they’ll have to wait until the end of February before they can get their hands on the next big thing…

And no, we’re not talking about New Corsa. Stylish and desirable as Vauxhall’s new baby is, we were able to anticipate demand for the stunning supermini and have already sold over 12,000 cars – but what we didn’t expect was the colossal demand for New Corsa’s animated friends – the C’Mons!

The band of puppets, featured in the Corsa’s advertising campaign, have been on sale through a dedicated website since first appearing on our TV screens in October, and demand for replica dolls has been so high that we’ve already sold out, leaving C’Mon fans eagerly awaiting the next consignment.

The most popular character is Blue, the dashingly handsome young chap in the white undies, who has become something of a Puppetland hunk among C’Mon groupies.

As well as the puppets, over 15,000 stuffed C’Mon keyrings have found new homes, along with car stickers, T-shirts and novelty bath plugs, all of which are practically sold out awaiting further deliveries.

But despite soaring prices on Ebay, with full sets of C’Mon dolls reaching as much as £200, fans of the C’Mons needn’t panic. The next batch of C’Mons will arrive in the UK next month to satisfy demand, and can be ordered through