Vauxhall's strongest-ever range means that there's something for everybody

Vauxhall's strongest-ever range of models is designed to satisfy every need - collecting the children from school, taking home the weekly shopping, enjoying the great outdoors, and getting the chairman to the airport on time and in style!

With the new number plate change on September 1 Vauxhall is winning thousands of new converts, with some spectacular financial offers specially formulated for its summer campaign. At the same time, the company is raising its profile as the producer of sports versions of most models.

That image has been intensified throughout the current BTCC race season where Vauxhall's throaty specially prepared race-track Astras have won every race so far.

The transparent "affordability" of Vauxhall cars is exemplified with deals like these:

- A 99 take-away offer on Corsa Club- 0% finance over three years on popular models - Top value SXi models - Substantial finance deposit allowances

Alongside the finance deals, customer savings from the list price mean you can put a brand new car on your drive for prices like these:

- Corsa Expression for 6995- Astra Expression for 9995- Vectra Club for 11995 and- Zafira Club for 12995

A buyer using a Vauxhall finance plan to help spread the cost can drive away a Corsa Club for just 99 down - thanks to a finance deposit allowance of 750. Using the guaranteed purchase plan, after 35 monthly payments of 175 the buyer pays just 2804 to keep the car, or returns it to Vauxhall with no strings attached.

Vauxhall's 0% finance offers are available on Corsa SXi, Astra SXi and Zafira Comfort and require a deposit of just 30% with repayment over three years.

This is a taster of what is available in Vauxhall dealers' showrooms right now:

Astra has produced the largest family of all Vauxhall models. It begins with saloon, hatchback and estate versions with engines from 1.6 litre to 2.2 litre, and moves through the good-looking Astra Coupe - including the highly-praised turbo version - to the new Convertible whose production levels have already been increased to meet demand later this year and next.

The Convertible, beautifully proportioned on the bodyshell of the Coupe, is designed in conjunction with Italian stylist Bertone, to appeal to a broad cross-section of buyers. Its elegant design and up-market features such as the standard remote control electric soft top have previously been the domain of the larger, luxury-class convertibles.

Would you believe that Britain, with its reputation for changeable weather, is Europe's second largest market for convertibles, and accounted for almost one in five of the 240,000 Western European registrations of open top cars last year!

The award-winning Zafira is also part of the Astra family, based on the same mechanical components, and only an inch longer than the Astra estate, yet with its unique Flex7 system turning Zafira from a two seater to a seven-seater family transporter in less than a minute.

The most economical and environmentally friendly Astra ever built, the Astra ECO 4, combines top fuel economy with extremely low emissions. The model is based on the existing 1.7 DTi diesel engine but fuel consumption has been lifted to an impressive 64.2mpg and the emissions are just 119g/km CO2. In fact in a recent Land's End to John O'Groats economy run ECO4 returned more than 90 miles per gallon - an indication of what you can achieve with a very light right foot on the accelerator!

Vectra, best selling car in its segment for the last two years, is particularly superb value as Vauxhall adds previously expensive items to more models in the range at no extra cost. For example, across the 24 engine/model combinations of LS, Club, SXi, SRi, CD, and CDX, air conditioning, ABS and four airbags are now standard.

So are items like chrome interior door handles, steering wheel-mounted audio controls, five position adjustable steering column, and lumbar adjustment for driver and front passengers seats, as well as seat-belt force limiters and a brake pad wear warning light on the dash.

Engines range from a 1.6 l6v model up to a 2.2 litre version and a new 2.6 litre power pack available in SRi and CDX models. Vectra's ride and handling is praised by many of its long-distance drivers who may spend more time than average behind the wheel in excess of 25,000 miles a year on average.

This means the Vectra driver is particularly demanding, so purposeful and modern styling, strong performance (mid-range power and good road holding), high spec levels and space for themselves and their families are all key requirements.

But for the sportier among us the Vectra to savour is the GSi which has roared in with a modified 2.6 litre V6 power pack and increased torque. You'll see 60mph in under eight seconds - but there are only 500 cars with the enhanced specification. What GSi says is simply: don't think for one minute that the current Vauxhall Vectra is going to disappear quietly!

The Agila runabout four seater is all about fun combined with functionality. It has to be the easiest car to park, and inside its compact body is a very spacious interior.

The ultimate in manoeuvrability for easy in-town driving comes from the car's overall length of just 11ft 6in (3.50 metres), and the choice of responsive and frugal 1.0 or 1.2 litre petrol engines from Vauxhall's ECOTEC family, both qualify for reduced excise duty.

Agila has lots of space for four in its versatile interior with three interior trims and seven bright external colours. It has a raised seating position for best visibility through its large window area.

New Corsa - rightly dubbed the biggest small car that Vauxhall has ever built - comes with loads of space, thanks to its longest-in-class wheelbase, lots of versatility thanks to its six-engine choice, and a big trim and equipment range running to six choices. Models are Club, GLS, SXi, Comfort and Elegance, along with SRi, a badge that has been synonymous with performance Vauxhalls for many years.

Corsa is cheap to buy and cheap to own and run: the two 1.7-litre direct-injection turbo diesels are particularly frugal, each returning 60.1mpg in the combined mode. Sporty SRi has a 1.8 litre engine.

Servicing and oil changes are necessary only every 20,000 miles, or once a year. And more: insurance premiums are the lowest possible because Corsa is in lower brackets across the whole range.

All 1.0 litre models have the lowest possible 1E insurance category - and other models with larger engines are in categories below Corsa's main competitors.

Comprehensive safety equipment includes front and optional side airbags for driver and passenger, three-point belts for all five occupants and front seat active head restraints. An optional smart airbag system can detect occupants, or child seats fitted with a transponder. For extra safety, in a dark car park for example, a one blip operation of the key fob unlocks only the driver's door.

Corsa is easy to drive for all the family, and particularly so with the introduction in the model of the advanced Easytronic transmission system that is a clever combination of manual and automatic transmission for just 330.

Omega offers stress free long distance motoring in luxury more often associated with far more expensive cars. Coupled with high levels of passive and active safety measures, reliability and the backing of the world's largest motor manufacturer, Omega is attractive to both the business and family motorist.

With additional features like cruise control, satellite navigation and top quality audio systems, it is a class leader in terms of comfort, safety, specification and value for money.

Vauxhall has widened the choice even further with the introduction of three new engines, including a range-topping 3.2 litre V6, and expanded the sporty MV6 range to include the new 2.6 V6 engine.

VX220, the purest production sports car in Vauxhall history, is capturing the imagination of enthusiasts seeking driver involvement and excitement above the need for creature comforts.

Which is not surprising bearing in mind that for just 22,995 on the road you get a no-compromise sports car developed especially for enthusiasts, powered by an all-aluminium ECOTEC 2.2 litre engine in a really eye-catching bodyshell. It is extra safe, too, with ABS and driver's airbag as standard.

The 137mph roadster spearheads Vauxhall's current new model campaign, as the company enters more specialist markets, stimulating fresh enthusiasm for the brand. VX220 occupies a niche within what is already a specialist sector. Planned production guarantees exclusivity for owners - only 1000 models a year are for sale in the UK over the next three years.

Frontera is Vauxhall's sporty, surefooted off-roader with the good looks and a deliberately commanding driving position that allows its owners to indulge their spirit of adventure. At the same time it is a sophisticated vehicle for everyday on-road use.

In both three-door Sport and five-door Estate versions, Frontera has a solid, rugged stance that says it is ready for anything thrown at it - helped by push-button shift-on-the-move 4WD, and both diesel and petrol engines.

Latest development is the introduction of a 205 PS 3.2 litre engine formerly reserved for the Estate models, into the Sport, linked with air conditioning and cruise control.

With these specifications Frontera is equally at home on the smart streets of Chelsea as on the off-road wide open spaces where it is not just a recreational vehicle, but a true workhorse as well.

Frontera buyers now have three engine choices - 2.2 16v petrol and 2.2 DTi turbo diesel are the other options.

All new Vauxhalls have a three-year/60,000 mile warranty and 20,000 miles/one year service interval, except VX220 and Frontera which retain a 10,000 mile service interval.