C20XE Corsa Inner Cv Boot Trouble?
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Thread: C20XE Corsa Inner Cv Boot Trouble?

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    C20XE Corsa Inner Cv Boot Trouble?

    Basically i have a 1600 corsa sport shell with a Redtop conversion i bought it complete however when the geezer did the conversion he used the originally shafts and upgraded the inner CVS to cope with the F20 gearbox.. However one day givin it sum beans i missed 3rd gear at full revs and lost drive in 1st 3rd and 5th Ive replaced the F20 with an F18 but im struggling to replace the inner Cv boots as all the ball bearing have nackered etc what car would use a 1.6 shaft and an F18 or F20 box??? Help ..

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    Re: C20XE Corsa Inner Cv Boot Trouble?

    ask in the right section ie mig technical

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