Society for All British Road Enthusiasts
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Thread: Society for All British Road Enthusiasts

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    Society for All British Road Enthusiasts

    Surfing the internet when he was meant to be hard at work putting out a magazine, Dougie stumbled upon the website for the ‘Society For All British Road Enthusiasts’, or SABRE for short. Contained within this, ahem, specialist cove of the internet is a...Read More


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    Re: Society for All British Road Enthusiasts

    LOL. Some people have too much time on their hands (the site owner at Sabre for example)

    I read in our local rag this week about an article that claimed our local stretch of the M5 was voted one of the worst stretches of motorway in England.... Who dreams up this crap? I can think of far worse bits of motorway. The whole M4 is horrible IMO but I wont go off on one here.... And who voted? shame!
    it's a C20XE not a fookin Redtop FFS

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