Further information as requested:
Date: 3rd june 2001

Venue: Santa Pod

Cost: 7 pre booked, 9 on the day entry
10 race pass per car all day four runs max.

The strip is open to all MIG members and on the day we will be able to show our cars and run them up the strip.

During the day one competition will be running that MIG members can enter.

BCCSC British Car Club 1/4 Sprint Champion and the winner will receive a cup!!

There will be show cars from Vauxhall, VX220 Astra 4x4, Astra Coupe, which may well be running up the strip!!

The day starts at 9 am, MIG will be there from about 8:30, if interested then please mail tom.williams@orange.net or call 07977449599 and leave a message. I have five names and those are fine.