As many regular users will know, MIG is a growing site. We currently have problems with bandwidth, server load and server space where we are currently located, so we will be moving this coming weekend.

This will enable the site to continue to grow, as well as allowing more and better features to be introduced. The site should also be considerably faster - especially at peak periods (not that it was slow anyway). As a result, the site will be down for a period of 2 to 3 days while work is carried out.

On Friday 29th 8pm, the site will close
I will then:
Backup forum and banner databases
Copy backups to the new server
Edit domain name server details

Once domain is pointing to the new server (can take upto 24h):
Setup databases
Ensure everything is working
Setup admin email accounts
Move files

Finalise server and software settings
Make planned template changes
Double check everything works
Open server

Once the new server is running you will notice that the gallery will have non of the existing images (alhough new ones may be added). If there are images you wish to save from the existing gallery, please do this now. Members will be given more space to upload images with the new gallery - plus images will be larger and better quality. I ask that members start adding images straight away and start making comment on some of the other images just to kick-start the gallery to fill up again.

The forums will contain all the current content and if all goes to plan, you will not even have to log back in to use them.

Those of you that for some reason access this site via the IP address - this will no longer work as the IP will be changing. Please ensure you use the correct address Please do not use the IP address to access the site as this causes problems with image loading and cookies.

I am unsure at what time on Sunday the site will re-open. If we encounter problems, we may have to postpone the opening to a later date. Please check the main page at for updates if this occurs.

As with any major site moves, problems will not doubt occur. Once the site is open, please bare with me as I iron out any problems that may arise. Please do not email me pointing out obvious problems as I will no doubt know about them already - but please do point out move hidden problems that you may find. I have spent many days planning and setting this move up, so fingers crossed everything will be OK.

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