MIG News the new format of the expired MIGMag has now been sent to all the existing members of MIGClub, and has been backdated to include all expired members to November last year

The events form is also with this.

Apologies to all members for the delay in this publication but we have had all sorts of problems in producing but we have now taken bull by horns with the new format and a new reliable, professional, local and prompt printer.

The next MIG News is now 80% complete and at present should be with members within 6 weeks, in order to re address the extra delay with the current issue.

We are also tackling other issues within the club to be introduced during the course of this year.

Please remember MIG is run by enthusiasts in there own time off there own back.

The club has grown to such a point where we are taking more time out of our own tim to runt he club effectively, because of this previous set ups failed us but we are confident that this year will see a huge rise in member satisfaction all round.