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Product TrakM8

TrakM8 is a completely new safety, security, tracking and performance monitoring device for all vehicle owners and drivers. TrakM8 provides peace of mind to vehicle owners by providing real-time vehicle information using SMS text messaging and your own mobile phone. TrakM8 generates useful text messages about the position and status of the vehicle to user definable GSM mobile phones - wherever they are.

There are two versions of TrakM8 available, TrakM8 Standard and TrakM8 Advance. TrakM8 Advance provides the speed camera detection feature. TrakM8 Standard has a large logging facility for recording journeys. For a complete comparison of the 2 versions, please refer to our feature table.

The TrakM8 Advance discrete driver interface 'Pod' provides visual and audible alerts that the vehicle is approaching an accident black spot (speed camera). While driving over the speed limit of the approaching camera, the frequency of the audible alert increases; the driver can cancel the audible alert at any point.

The driver interface 'Pod' provides a 'Panic' alert facility, which sends text messages containing the vehicles exact location to user defined mobile phones. The recipient can then telephone the vehicle driver to confirm if Police or other assistance is required.

TrakM8 provides in vehicle Internet access and street level mapping / navigation capability when used in conjuction with a PDA (PDA is not supplied). When used in conjunction with our TrakM8 Explorer PC software you can track the vehicle in real time on street level mapping and analyse recorded journeys. Some of the features in TrakM8 Explorer require data enabled SIMS (contract SIMS) to make data calls.
TrakM8 provides many features to help protect your vehicle from theft and unauthorised use. This includes an invisible 'security shield', which texts your mobile if your car is moved. This works even if your car is towed away. The curfew feature allows you to preset a time period when your car should not be used.TrakM8 integrates with your car alarm and other systems to report when your car alarm is sounding. TrakM8 even has a 'Blackbox flight recorder'. TrakM8 is highly user configurable through your mobile phone.

Whether you are a car enthusiast, a caring parent, an established driver, a company car driver or a vehicle owner, TrakM8 will appeal to you. TrakM8 works on all mobile networks with a pay-as-you-go SIM - so there are no ongoing running costs or contract charges.

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